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Listening and vocabulary
intermediate level


The students have already learned about grammar Which are different ways of comparing. In this lesson, the students will practice the grammatical rules in a listening which is about comparing Times Square in the past and present. They will also learn some vocabulary items(Adjectives for describing places).


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Main Aims

  • The students will be able to compare different places using appropriate adjectives and collocation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • -For students to review grammar about different types of comparing and to learn vocabulary related to places.
  • -To provide practice of new word by writing a short description of a town or city they know.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To engage the students and help them concentrate ion the lesson.

The teacher greets the students and provides them with a table showing some information regarding the students in order to review the grammatical points already learned.

Pre-Listening (5-7 minutes) • To help the students to understand the instructions.

The teacher shows the pictures and explains the instructions followed by concept check questions. EX: Let's answer this question: There are many more adverts now than in the past. Look at the picture: Is the statement correct? Then the teacher will teach some difficult vocabulary items.

Listening (12-15 minutes) • The teacher plays the audio and ask the students to pay attention.

-The teacher plays listening for the first time to help the students to get the main idea of the listening. Then she will ask the students to read the True, Folse question in the second part. The students will listen again and answer the questions.

Post listening (7-10 minutes) • The teacher will help the students to listen to the details and answer True, False questions.

The teacher gives them some vocabulary and asks them to write some sentences about their city and use these words. The teacher put the students in pairs of work to match sentences with each other. The teacher will play the audio and stop it ask the students to write the sentences and play it if necessary.

Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • Eliciting the new words to understand the meaning of the words.

-The teacher shows pictures to elicit the words. -The teacher shows the box of words (adjectives) and a box of the name of cities and asks them to make a relationship between the city and adjectives. -The teacher make an example and ask them to do the reset of activity as homework. -The students will surf the net to learn some information about the cities and then will try to attribute the given adjectives to the cities.

Follow up (3-5 minutes) • To listen the audio and match and describe the cities.

-The teacher asks the students to look at the photos. The teacher plays the audio and students should guess the name of the city and match the name with the picture. -The teacher puts the audio again and asks the students to writhe the adjectives they hear. -The teacher will give some extra exercise to do at home.

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