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listening comprehension/page 71
teen to teen 3 level


In this lesson students,will practice their listening skills.first,they will listen to an audio about different activitiy's safety.then they will complete a gist task .the learners will listen again to the same audio,but this time will be followed by the learners completing a detailed listening task(T/F) to illustrate their understanding of the details of the heard audio.


Main Aims

  • to provide students practice their gist listening skills and their detailed listening skills,in the context of safety materials

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide learners practice speaking


lead in (3-4 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage students

Teacher gets students to focus on the photos then encourages them to guess the place,activity and answer the designed question. where is this place whats happening in the picture point at the specific material and ask' to know which words are familiar and which ones are new to learn' whats this/why is she/he using it lead in and setting context happens in this stage

pre teach vocabulary • to prevent learners blocking on unknown vocabulary in listening

key words of the listening audio are clarified with the help of students

task information • to give students reason to listen for individual items of information

teacher asks students to listen to the audio and answer the designed task on the book 'choose the answer based on vocabulary' + icq + students should open their mics and answer what they chose

detailed task • to give students reason to listen in a more detailed level

teacher plays the audio for the second time and asks learners to find the answer of the designed (T/F) questions

follow up • to give students the chance to respond to the text to balance productive and receptive skills

students will be asked to talk about their own experience of doing these activities and discuss other safety ways

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