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Teaching Practice 3- Free Time Activities
Elementary Level level


In this lesson students learn about free time activities lexis. This will be followed by speaking, listening and practicing about hobbies and free time activities in positive,negative and interrogative sentences related to present simple tense.


Abc HO-1 Free Time Activities exercices
Abc Activity Pictures and Set of free time activity names
Abc Whiteboard
Abc HO-2 The Script of the Dialogue on Free Time Activities
Abc HO-3 Dialogue with Gaps to fill in
Abc Students' Book CD

Main Aims

  • The main aim is to make the students speak and listen to each other

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub aim is to practice present simple in the context of free time activities in positive, negative and interrogative sentences.


Stage 1: Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • To familiarize the sts with the concept of free time activities and to warm up the sts with appropriate vocabulary

Stage 1: Lead-in 1) T draws on the board a life time circle and tries to elicit the word "free time" 2) T talks with sts about their free time activities, elicit the vocabulary of hobbies. 3) T elicits other kind of free time activities by showing 15 Pictures on the board. 4) T writes the vocabulary on the board and asks the sts the meanings.

Stage 2: Writing the activity names on the related picture (7-8 minutes) • To work in groups and get familiar with the free time vocabulary before listening stage

Stage 2: Writing the activity names on the related picture 1) T hands out to students pictures of free time activities and distrubutes the paper on which set of activity names are present , 15 pics for each table. 2) T wants sts to work in groups and write the correct activity name 3) After the task is finished, T checks them.

Stage 3: Listening (5-6 minutes) • To listen and do the exercice 3-a in CB about the dialogue of free time activities of Moira and Sam

1- T distributes HO-1 Free Time Activities exercice 3-a of the CB (page 27) 2- T explains that sts should tick the correct activity after listening the recording about dialogue of two friends Moira and Sam. 3- T plays recording no.1.33 4- T checks the answers by nominating.

Stage 4: Listening to fill in the gaps (8-10 minutes) • To Fill in the gaps with correct free time activity name which are missing in the same dialogue of previous ex.

1- T hands out the script of dialogue with gaps 2- T gives 5 minutes for sts to fill in the gapswith the correct words. 2- T wants sts to listen again the dialogue and make them check their answers 3- T plays recording again. 4- T wants students to check their answers in pairs. 5- T nominates 2 sts to write the correct answers on the board.

Stage 5: Speaking (10-12 minutes) • To increase STT, to make the sts talk about their free time activities

1-T asks sts to say 3 things they do and 3 things they don't do by showing an exemple of interrogative; positive and negative sentence in context of free time activities. 2-T asks sts to work in three, talk and know each other preferences as free time activities. 3- T checks the conversations of each group.

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