Describe living rooms and household furniture - Practise the present simple ' There is/are'
Elementary A2 level


In this lesson , students practise the present simple 'There is / are" and question forms in the context of describing living rooms .


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Main Aims

  • To practise the Present Simple 'There is / are ' and question forms in the context of describing living rooms .

Subsidiary Aims

  • Revise household furniture vocabulary .


Lead in • Set the context

Start with a picture of a messy living room and see how many items of furniture the class can name . Ss practise the Present simple with ' There is / are' and question forms . Check for pronunciation accuracy .

Pre - teach vocabulary and ask CCQ where appropriate • To practise controlled speaking ss centered activity

- Do a magazine rush as a mini controlled practice . -Ask Ss " Show me a picture of a cooker " for instance . The Ss have to flick through the magazine quickly to find it .

Controlled practice • To practise forming sentences with 'there is / are'

-Elicit sentences with 'there is/ are' by finger counting . -Drill with the contractions so that Ss speak more naturally .

Practise listening to the Present simple form with ' There is / are' • Freer practice

-Demonstrate the first listening sentence as an example and ask Ss to complete the rest. -Complete the grammar spot and finish it in pairs . -Provide Ss with an answer key . - Ss ask and answer questions about Suzie's living room items .

Assessment • Check whether the set objectives were reached

Elicit the positive , negative , plural singular and the question forms from the class Round up activity : ask the students to decribe the classroom and ask questions about each other's living rooms

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