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Jobs Lessons
Beginners level


In this lesson students learn how to ask questions and give answers and information about country of birth and jobs. The lesson starts with pre-teaching some of the vocabs and ends up with jigsaw game.


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Main Aims

  • To get students to use functional language of asking and answering questions about jobs and where people live using third persons singular and plural

Subsidiary Aims

  • getting students to speak and listen


Warming up (4-6 minutes) • To remind students of some of the vocabulary they have been through and remind them of the usage in context.

The teacher stands in front of the class and ask them what they names are and where they are from, then ask them to ask each others the same questions and answer

introducing speaking (5-10 minutes) • To practice the language of asking and answering questions in context

The teacher stands in front of the class and mentions what he does by saying " I am a teacher" Then use the question to ask about his job. Then the teacher ask one or two students to say what their job is and then to ask each other about their jobs. The teacher does the same with the birth country and asking and answering the questions "where are you from".

Questions making revision (4-10 minutes) • To further practice making the questions and asking about jobs using singular third persons forms and distinguishing between masculine and feminine pronouns and possessive adjectives

The teacher get students to hold cards labelled with different words of the questions " Where is he from?", "What is his job?" and get students to stand in line to form a sentence or maybe he may just post those cards on the whiteboard

Controlled practicing (4-10 minutes) • To get students to listen for information and be able to write them down

Students handed out a table with names of people their jobs and countries where some of people's jobs and countries are missing so student A will have to ask Students for information to fill what's missing in his table

wrapping-up (3-5 minutes) • To summarise what has been said throughout the lesson and put it in context

Get students to choose a random name and two others student will ask him/her about her job and where he/she is from

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