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My Kind of Place
TP5 Elementary- face2face lesson 5A level


In this lesson students will be introduced to and practice lexis and grammar associated with places (e.g. cities and towns), concentrating on the grammar of "there is/isn't..." and "there are/aren't..." (e.g. "There is a park. There aren't any squares"). In this section of the lesson students will choose their favourite place and identify which facilities and attractions are or aren't in their favourite place. Students will then participate in group work for a speaking activity where they will tell their group about their favourite place using the taught vocabulary. Students will then choose their favourite place from their group mates and tell the class why they would like to visit this place. Students will then undertake a controlled writing practice to further practice the grammar structure. The lesson will conclude with an optional game of places Bingo, if time permits, to further practice lexis in this context.


Abc Ex. 3 5A Homes and shops
Abc Places Bingo
Abc Homes and shops 5A

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking fluency practice in a conversation in the context of the students favourite places.
  • To provide writing practice for fluency in the context of favourite places.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of lexis related to places in the context of favourite places.
  • To provide practice of "There is/isn't...." "There are/aren't..." in the context of Places


Lead-In/Warm-up (3-3 minutes) • Orient students to new teacher and get them thinking about their favourite places and what "İs/isn't are aren't" there

Tell students about my favourite place in Melbourne. Show them the simple map of Olinda. Tell them that "there is a mountain, there are restaurants, there are tea houses. There aren't any rivers. There isn't a University" Ask students to think about Taksim Ask.. İs there a river? Are there any big hotels? Are there Police? Is there any gas? etc

My favourite place is.... (4-4 minutes) • Further practice with lexis and to get students conceptualising their favourite places.

- Tell students to think about their favourite place. - Tell students to look at ex. 10 on page 39. - "Write the name of your favourite place at the top" point to spot. - Tell students to "tick the things that are in your favourite place and cross the things that aren't in your favourite place." - ICQ - "Are we talking about here/this place"..."NO. Your favourite place." - "work on your own" - Tell students about Olinda, one of my favourite places in Australia. - "In Olinda there is a mountain. - so i put a tick. In Olinda there isn't a university - so i put a cross." - allow students time to complete exercise. -

Semi-Controlled speaking Practice (8-8 minutes) • To allow students to practice speaking for fluency

- Get students into pairs...mix students up to keep it interesting. - Tell students "I want you to tell your partner about your favourite place" - "for example In Olinda. my favourite place in Australia There are lots of small hotels. There aren't any big hotels. There are interesting shops. There isn't a university" - point at exercise 10 while saying this. - ask for a few examples from students. - "so talk to your partner and tell them about your favourite place". - monitor groups, note down errors for possible delayed error correction.

Paragraph about favourite place (10-10 minutes) • Writing practice for fluency

- tell students to write a paragraph about their favourite place. - "After we will put it on the wall, and we will all read and choose our favourite place... so make it good" - work on your own. - - allow time for students to complete - If early finishers... feed in extra vocab if desired - when finished stick to the wall.

Reading fluency practice (10-10 minutes) • To practice reading fluency and give purpose to previous stage

- Tell students to go around the room and read the descriptions. - Choose your favourite paragraph and put a tick under your favourite... not your own. - Choose "winner" - IF TIME - Get students in pairs - Tell your partner which one your chose... and why - e.g. "I want to go to ..... because... There is a mountain, there is a river etc"

Flexi-stage PLACES BINGO (10-10 minutes) • To further practice vocabulary in the context of places.

- Tell students that we will play a game of Bingo - Draw up an example on the board with simple pictures e.g. boy girl, tree, flower. and do an example. - hand out bingo cards to students, saying the corresponding letter as handing it out. - Hands up A's - tell students to sit with their letter group on the card - - repeat for A-D - start game according to instructions on page 126 of face to face teachers manual. - If time repeat game reading place names randomly.

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