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Teaching practice 5


Abc Ex 3 List of conspiracy theories
Abc Ex 1 Answer key
Abc Ex 2 Answer key
Abc Audio 2.19
Abc Ex 1 table-fill handout Word families
Abc ex 2 gap fill handout
Abc Ex 4 Make your own conspiracy theory

Main Aims

  • In this vocabulary lesson the main aim is to get the sts to build and use words in the context of conspiracy theory

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get sts to speak using some of the vocabulary in discussions on the subject of conspiracy theories.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to get the sts interrested about the subject

- Play audio 2.19 - Point at the WB and ask: - Do you think these stories are possible? - Do you think they are probably true? - Is it unlikely that the CIA is listening to telephone conversations anywhere in the world? - Is there any certainty that these stories are true? - Are those stories definite truths?

Exercise 1 (10-12 minutes) • word building

- By eliciting from sts do the first line with " possible" as an example. - sts work in pairs - Give HO - monitor - Feedback - answer key

Exercise 2 (6-9 minutes) • Use the previous words by first finding the correct form

- Write the example on WB: - I___________agree with that.(definite) - Elicit the answer from sts. - Tell the sts to work alone; - Ask them : Are you going to work in groups? No; In pairs? No. How are you going to work? Alone. - Monitor - Peer check - Feedback - Answer key

Exercise 3 (12-15 minutes) • Discuss the conspiracy theories in pairs and answer the question.

- Write on WB : - How true do you think these conspiracy theories are? - Tell the sts to discuss in pairs the conspiracy theories on the HO. - Ask: Are you going to write anything? No - monitor - Feedback, review the questions and try to link back to vocabulary still on WB

Exercise 4 (if time) (7-9 minutes) • by filling the gaps with their ideas, the sts will make their own conspiracy theory

- In pairs create your own conspiracy theory. - give HO - monitor - Ask for volunteers to tell the group their story

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