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Beginners. level


Abc HOs: Connect pictures with text. Gap-filling. Find examples of present simple.Use present simple
Abc 4 x HO

Main Aims

  • Simple present - affirmative. used in particular with 'to live', 'to work' and 'to go'. To learn, practise and retain.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and Speaking. Passing attention to stress and pronounciation if opportunity offers.


Reading Exercise 1 (8-10 minutes) • Reinforce previous lesson. Understand text and relate it to pictures. Tick-box answers to questions.

On the WB, I will set up the structure of model sentences which the Ss already know. X is a teacher. He lives in Istanbul. He works in a school. He Goes to work by train. He lives with his cat. Pass out HO Tell students to read the text and say, which text is with which picture? The students fill in.

Reading exercise 2 HO (5-7 minutes) • Read texts. Answer simple ID questions.

Remind students of the pictures and identifications. Place in pairs while passing out HO2, the tickbox questions. By example, tell everybody to read the sentences to each other.

Grammar: simple Present (Affirmative). • make sentences with simple present, using the informtion from the pictures.

Write up on WB model examples of simple present; I work you work he/she/it works. Explain 'it'. how to form simple present ? add S! add 's? NO! make sentences

Grammar Present Simple: making sentences from text. (5-8 minutes) • Find examples in textexercise present simple.

The students will make sentences using the present simple relating to the text.

ID simple present in the text. (5-6 minutes) • familiarisation.

The Ss underline all uses of the simple present in the text, and cross check. On thew WB, I will ask them to reiterate the rule for forming the present simple.

Choosing correct option of verb form. (5-7 minutes) • Another angle on familiarisation.

HO. 5 sentences with alternative foms. Choose the right one. Cross check.

gap-filling paragraph. Choice of three verbs, so appropriate meaning and correct verb form. (8-10 minutes) • Another angle, this time with getting meaning right as well as form.

HO. the Ss must understand the text to fill the gaps with the appropriate verb, and use correct form. Cross check. WB check.

Imprint (5 minutes) • Imprint take-home message.

The teacher will call up one student, rehearse "i" and "you" form: then a third, to rehearse "he/she" form. Gradually the whole class will join in, in a mingling hubbub. I, you, he/she, we, you (pl), they, Point and speak. Imprint. They wont forget the present simple.

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