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Reading & Speaking
The Beginners level


In this lesson the sts will learn gist reading & speaking through the Text -based handouts regarding the topic " Weekend Break "from SF Bk Pg....


Abc pictures, Text-Page, Handsout , W/B

Main Aims

  • Reading & Speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide vocabulary in the context of weekend Break
  • To provide clarification of lexis


Warm up to Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To motivate the sts to attend the lesson and share their previous knowledge

Teacher welcomes the sts , introduces himself and asks sts name to create rapport. He asks them , how did they spend their weekend ? sts tell their activities during last days i,e Saturday and Sunday. Tts tell about airport, railway station , Blue Mosque, beach..........etc

Stage 2 To Express activity (5-8 minutes) • To check the sts performance and make correction

Teacher pastes some pictures in context to the text-based handout. Makes the sts pair groups and instructs them to read the page to get the gist about Barcelona and point out main places and historical places for weekend visit.Discuss about their importance. sts come to know the main places and speak to each other about their favourite places.Teacher monitors and listens their speaking points. This activity creates interest and provides the sts about the city of Barcelona. Teacher also gives vocabulary and pronunciation drill. Barcelona .Sts also get some vocabulary from this page i,e. Famous , Hotels , Stadium ,Beach ,Museum ,beautiful, Familia Church ,

Stage 03 Text activity (6-8 minutes) • To provide activity for Receptive & Productive Skills

Teacher regroups the sts for pw. Delivers them the text page no SF The Beginners Int'l St Bk pg text about Prague, Instructs them to read it and point out its main visiting and famous places. sts carry with great interest. Teacher monitors them and clarifies about new words & their pronunciation e,g. Charles Bridge, Vltava river , castle, puppet ,magic...etc. Teacher regroups the sts in two groups A & B and instructs them to discuss with one another and make comparison between the two cities. Also mention their favourite city, give reasons of liking it. sts speak about the given task. Teacher monitors them. Every student speaks about his favourite city and explains the reasons. In this way sts improve their receptive as well as productive skill.

Stage 04 (6-10 minutes) • To consolidate vocabulary & language skill

a- Teacher delivers a handout to the sts . Makes pairs of the sts to find out which place links to which city i e. Barcelona or Prague. It is like a puzzle . sts completion time is 2-3 minutes. Teacher asks the sts to match their answers for results. b- Teacher delivers a handout to the sts and asks them to speak about 3 questions of their weekend routine or weekend visit to any city. sts happily tell about their weekend activities and make practice of speaking with confidence. Teacher watches listens the sts carefully

Feed Back (4-6 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

In feed back stage teacher provides the sts another chance for their correction and vocabulary drill. teacher encourage the sts on performing the activities.

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