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Tourism and directions
Upper Secondary 3 level


In this lesson, Ss clarify vocabulary related to tourism and directions (understand and follow maps). As a lead, Ss are shown pictures of waterfalls. They are to discuss about waterfalls. Then, Ss engage in a reading activity. As a pre-reading task, new words are elicited from Ss through questions.They are shown the title of the text and are asked to predict what the text is about. Ss then read the text and orally answer a few questions. Ss then listen to a few recording based on maps and directions. Ss engage in tasks which help then practice and improve listening for specific information and details.


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Main Aims

  • For Ss, to clarify and review vocabulary based on the topic: Tourism.
  • To provide clarification of language used for asking/giving directions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For Ss, to practice and improve listening for specific information and details.


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To activate Ss schemata

Ss are shown pictures of different waterfalls. They are to discuss the following in pairs. 1. Name a few waterfalls 2. Which is the biggest waterfall? 3. Have you seen a waterfall? Share your experiences. 4. What activities can you do around a waterfall?

Reading Task (20-25 minutes) • For Ss, to practice and improve reading to draw inference from the text.

Pre-reading task (Unblock vocabulary): Ss are introduced to new words with the help of questions and pictures.Pictures are shown and Ss are to write as many words as they can relating to the pictures. They share their answers with the class. Ss then match words with the pictures. Ss' understanding of the words are checked with the help of CCQs. Reading Task: Ss are shown the title of the text and are asked to predict the story based on the text. The following questions are asked : What do you think the man does? Why do you think he works in 3 countries? Ss then read the text to find out. Post reading task: Ss discuss Juna's job. - Do you like his job? Why / Why not? Ss discuss in groups: 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages of Juan's job. Their answers are shared with the class.

Listening Practice (Language clarification) (18-20 minutes) • For Ss, to review and practice phrases and sentences used for asking / giving directions.

Pre- listening activity: A map is displayed on the board. Ss are divided into 2 groups. One group is asked to ask the direction of a particular place on the map. The other group answers by giving directions for the same. Listening Activity: Task1: Ss are asked to listen to Juan talk about one place in the city. They are to note what is special about that place. Once the task is completed PC and WCFB are and done. Task 2: Ss are to listen and follow the routes on the map. For each route , they are to write the destination on the map. Post listening activity: Task 1: Ss are given the audio script and are asked to underline useful phrases for giving directions. Task 2: Ss open their text books to page 53 and match pictures with phrases for giving directions.

Listening Practice (Check understanding) (15-18 minutes) • For Ss, to practice and improve using phrases to give or ask for directions.

Ss engage in a few listening activites to practice using phrases to give or ask directions. Activity 1: Task1: Ss listen to 3 conversations and say if the given statements are true or false. Task 2: Ss listen to the same conversations and fill in gaps. Activity 2: Ss listen to extracts from the audio script and say if the phrases are asking for information, explaining directions or showing understanding. Task 2: Ss are given a few phrases and are asked to describe their meaning.

Freer Speaking Practice (7-9 minutes) • For Ss, to practice speaking fluently and accurately using phrases for asking / giving directions.

Ss work in pairs. They are given a map and are asked to ask for and give directions. Ss present their dialogues in front of their classmates.

Extension (home work)
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