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Teaching Practice TP2 "Family Tree"
Starter, A1 level


In this lesson, the learner will be able to use and identify the vocabularies for different members of the family. They will be using flash cards on WB to classify the words into male/female/both e.g father, mother and parents. They will be able to recognize and practise, the target language, the possessive s in the context of talking about family, relationships by using two different speaking activities.


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Main Aims

  • Language Focus: To present and practise possessive s to talk about their families or someone's property. Furthermore, they will be able to distinguish the difference between possessive s or is.
  • Language Focus: To present and practise possessive s to talk about their families or someone's property. Furthermore, they will be able to distinguish the difference between possessive s or is. For example: She's a doctor 's = is Ahmed is Ali's father 's = possessive

Subsidiary Aims

  • to present reeiw and drill family vocabulary to help sst give controlled speaking to talk about their families and relationships


Lead in vocabulary (1-2 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T elicits the title of the lesson by showing them a picture of Nick's family with their names in T elicits the context by asking students CCQs; what you can see in the picture. Students say Family. When the sts are elicited to the main topic, the T puts the picture on the right side of the WB.

Presenting and analyzing vocabulary ( Meaning, Form and Use) (10-15 minutes)

- Now ssts are elicited to to the context. T asks students questions, which they have already learnt, What's the first name of the father? Is he male or female? - T writes the words on the left side of the WB. - T discusses the word Father, Is it noun, Verb or adjective? - Drill the pronunciation and show the stress syllable. - With help of students T writes the words in sentences. - Drill the word in the sentence. - T asks What's the first name of the mother? Student say: Fiona - T asks CCQ: Is she male or female? - T keeps listing the words on the left side of the board. - T asks ssts what do we call father and mother together. Parents - T asks when we hear word "Parents" Is s/he father, mother or both of them? - N.B: The bolded underline questions were used as a hint to get them ready for next FB activity. T points at the son and asks the learner who is Kevin? One student might know word son if not. T tries to say the first sound only if not, T tells them word son and writes it on the left side of the WB. T Keep eliciting the vocabs from the picture by using the opposite e.g son ˣ daughter, or giving examples…etc Each time T elicits a word he writes the word on left side then discusses the form in term of part of speech, pronounce it individually and in a sentence. (MFP technique)

Checking understanding: FB activity. (4-5 minutes) • To check if SSts understand the meaning of the words.

T gives clear instructions by a demo and gives students only 2 mins to work in pairs to do the activity. T gives modified HO from Ex.1b in course book and asks them to classify the word which they have learnt . - While student answering the ex. 1b. T puts the flash cards on WB with word of family members and sticks three different coloured envelop Pink for female, Blue for male, White for both When the ssts finish the two mins,T asks the to check their answer in pairs T ask them all together to stand up and put the right card in the right envelop.

Grammar:Building a context (3-5 minutes) • to introduce the target language to draw student attention.

T elicits the target language "possessive s" by using realia showing them a pen and asks them CCQ ; What is this? Student say Pen T writes on the WB This is____ pen T asks another CCQ: Is it habiba's pen? Ssts say NO, it's not. Is it Sinan's pen? Ssts say: No it's not. Is it teacher's pen? Students say Yes, it's T writes the word teacher to complete the sentence above This is teacher__pen. T elicit what's wrong with the sentence. Something is missing. one learner may know possessive s. T writes 's in a different colour

Highlight the meaning: (3-5 minutes) • To get the sst know what's possessive s and how it can be used in taiking about family members.

T draws a simple family tree similar to the one which they will use to make sentences in ex.6. T elicits three sentences about his family from the picture by using CCQs.

Hlight the written form (5-8 minutes)

T elicits three sentences about his family from the picture. Ali is Saad's father. Asma is Saad's mother. Samira is Saad's sister. T discusses the structure to distinguish the difference between possessive s and is. He's a teacher. 's =is It is teacher's pen. 's possessive

Highlight the spoken form (3-4 minutes) • to drill the model sentence in natuarl way

T repeats the model sentences on the WB. Draws a circle round the 's and drill them back to front.

Restricted practice: (5-6 minutes) • To check student understanding

T gives a clear instruction to sst to do exercise no 6 T gives them the pic and the activity T anser the first on on the WB as demo Sssts check on pairs

Report back (2-3 minutes) • to check the feedback from ssts

st writes and read their answers on WB.

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