Mehrnoosh Mehrnoosh

TP 2
Upper-Intermediate level


It is to provide learners with an opportunity to freely practice the language structure they have just learned to ensure maximized learning.


Main Aims

  • Using questions to make Ss speak fluently and accurately

Subsidiary Aims

  • using the verbs of the learnt grammar for permission, prohibition and obligation


Lead-in (2-5 minutes) • To set the context

Ss will have to answer a related question which is on the board. Ss will have to give their opinion about it. They are set in pairs and will be given enough time to talk about it. The teacher will elicit a few responses.

Topic Clarification • To explain the situation of the conversation

Ss are going to listen a description about the topic they are going to talk about.

Speraking (25-30 minutes) • To develope Ss' fluency in talking over a related to lesson grammar

Ss are divided into groups with a specific role for each. They are going to get a handout and have to read the cards in order to find out about their roles in the conversation. They discuss about it together. Their CCQ will be tested by asking some questions. Bosses and staffs will get a piece of paper about the office rules. They will think about what they want to say to the reporters with details and any extra ideas they want to add. Reporters must add two more questions to the list to discover the problems. Time will be set and ICQ will be checked by the teacher. Their discussion is going to be monitored and teacher will provide help when needed. Ss shift their places in the group. Each boss and each staff have got a reporter to locate the problems. They will be reminded to take short notes instead of using full sentences. ICQ will be checked again. Teacher will monitor and take notes from their mistakes in TL and other errors in the structures, etc. Reporter 1 must change place with reporter 2. The teacher will model the activity before starting. Teacher will set the time and check the ICQ again. Teacher must take notes from the errors and elicit a few responses. Then some solutions will be given by some students. Ss get regrouped with one boss, one staff member and two reporters in each group and rewrite the office rules. They are minored by the teacher.

WC feedback (4-6 minutes) • feedback on content

Teacher is putting the written paper around the class. they walk and read. Then Ss will say to the lass about the rules they have read.

Delayed Feedback (4-7 minutes) • To correct Ss' errors

The teacher will put delayed feedback and some incorrect sentences on the board and they have time to think about correcting the mistakes. Then they will check the answer together and share with the class. Finally, teacher will correct the errors with a different color. If time, teacher is going to right the best changed rules on the board.

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