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Upper Secondary 4 level


In this lesson, Ss practice and improve skills on reading for gist and reading for specific information. As a lead-in, Ss are shown pictures of different inventions. Ss are asked to talk about them - how they have helped us or how these inventions have made our lives easier. They are then asked to make a list of ten inventions they feel are very important and discuss why they are important. Ss are then questioned: What can / can't live without in this country? Thus the reading activity on Air Conditioning is introduced. Before reading the text, Ss discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ACs. Then Ss are asked to read the article quickly and answer a few questions. Hence they develop and improve skills on reading for gist.They read the text again and answer few more questions and engage in a few more tasks to develop reading for specific information and reading to draw inference. As a post reading activity, Ss are to debate on the topic: Inventions - A boon or a curse. Next Ss engage in a listening activity based on an exhibition of electronics. Lastly a review or recap of the lesson is done. Ss are to work in pairs and invent a product that would make life easier. They are to present it in class. They are encourage to use the vocabulary they have been introduced to in class.


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Main Aims

  • To develop and improve reading for gist and reading for specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice and improve listening for gist and listening for specific information.


Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • To activate students' schemata

Pictures of different inventions are shown. Ss are asked to discuss their uses. They are then asked to make a list of ten most important inventions in groups. They are to share the reasons for choosing those with their classmates. Ss are questioned: What can or can't you live without in this country? ( car, AC,etc)

Pre- Reading Activity (5-7 minutes) • To check Ss previous knowledge on the topic Air Conditioning

1. Two pictures of different work places are displayed and Ss are asked to compare them. Which is better? Why Do work conditions affect people's performance at work? 2. Ss are asked to discuss the following questions in pairs. - What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC? What precautionary measures can we take to protect ourselves from the ill-effects of AC?

Reading Activity (25-28 minutes) • For Ss to practice and improve reading for gist and specific information

Task 1:Ss are instructed to read the text quickly and answer the questions: Who is/was Willis Carrier and Jed Brown. Task2: Ss read the text again. Ss are given multiple choice questions related to the text. They are also given clues and are asked to find words from the passage related to the clues. Task 3: Ss are asked to make 5 questions based on the text in pairs. They exchange questions with other pairs and answer those questions. PC and WCFB are done.

Post reading Activity (12-15 minutes) • For Ss to practice and improve skills on drawing inference from the text. For Ss to practice speaking using new lexis related to the topic: Inventions

Task1: Ss are divided into 2 groups. They are instructed to prepare and debate on the topic: Inventions: A boon or a curse?? Task 2: Ss work in pairs. Ss are to create their own invention and share it with the class. They are to talk about how their invention would make life easier.

Pre-listening Activity (5-7 minutes) • To check Ss previous knowledge. For Ss to predict the main idea of the conversation.

Tr questions Ss: How are different electronics introduced in the market? What is the best time to buy an electronic product? Have you even been to GITEX? Share your experiences? What do you think this listening text is about?

Listening Activity (10-14 minutes) • For Ss to improve listening for specific information. To introduce Ss to pick-from-a -list questions.

Task 1: Ss are given HO and are asked to read the questions. The conversation is played. Ss are to answer the questions among themselves. The answers are displayed on the IWB. Task2: Ss are given another HO with MCQs and are asked to read it. Ss then listen to another conversation and choose the correct answers. Ss check their answers in pairs. The recording is played again for Ss to check their answers.

Post listening activity (10-12 minutes) • For Ss to speak fluently and accurately using lexis related to exhibitions and electronics.

Ss work in pairs. They are to discuss the following questions: What is your opinion on GITEX and other similar exhibitions? What electronic devices interest you? Why? What electronic product would you buy in the future? Ss share their answers with the class.

Writing Activity (10-12 minutes) • For Ss to develop skills in persuasive writing

Ss are asked to refer to their invention they created in a previous activity. They are to work in groups. Ss are instructed to choose one invention. They are to create an advertisement on the same using: Adjectives, rhymes, similes,etc. They are to mention the uses of the product in a creative manner. Once the task is complete, Ss swap their work. They are to write two things they liked and one thing that can be improved on.

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