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Copy of Hopes and Fears
Pre-Intermediate level


in this lesson, students will be able to discuss their hopes and fears focusing on appearance adjectives. they will do a reading , predict and through setting the context, vocabulary will be presented.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of adjectives in the context of apperance

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide inference in the context of hopes and fears


warmer (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

the teacher plays hang man to introduce the topic" hopes and fears" to the students. T asks " which age group has more hopes and fears?" .T elicits "children"

reading task (5-7 minutes) • to familirize the ss with the genaeral ideas

T gives 3 pictures to each pair and asks the students to match the scrambled sentences with pictures. feedback: each pair gets to check their answer with the other pair. T asks ss to decide which sentences are about hopes and which ones are about fears.(in pairs). ICQ: are you gonna write or speak? Are you gonna do it together or alone? how much time do you need? Feedback: ss are asked to check their answers with another pair and decide on one specific hope and fear which seems to be more important. and each person from each group reports the common idea.

pre- teaching the vocabulariess (3-5 minutes) • to draw students` attention to Adjectives

T writes ss` common ideas on the board and mentions that most our hopes and fears are about appearance..T shows and sticks the pictures of different hopes those particular people have and asks ss to write about as many adjectives about the pictures. in pairs. ICQ: are you gonna write or speak? alone or with your partner? how much time? Feedback: T-WC , T elicits the words and clarifies the meanings , drills and write them under each picture.

vocabulary teaching (8-10 minutes) • to teach synonyms ,antonyms of adjectives

T asks ss to get back to their pair and try to think of synonyms/antonyms of the written forms in 2 minutes. T elicits the synonyms of each group,asks CCQs for the differences, drills the pronunciation , and writhe the words on the board . CCQ: is written on LA paper.

vocabulary controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • To practice the meaning of words and focus on their pronunciations

SS are divided into groups of 4 using color codes.from each group one student is asked to put his chair back the whiteboard. T will write the word and others have to explain it so that the other one guess. the person who guesses first will get a tick. these rules will be written on the board: 1. No Turkish! 2.No synonyms/Antonyms! 3. Explain! 4. No turning back! Feedback: the group with the most ticks, will get chocolate as reward. :)

post-vocabulary practice (10-12 minutes) • to activitae new words with personalization

SS are asked to be in groups of 4, discussing what their hopes and fears are. feedback: there will be new groups and report about their partners.

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