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Reading and Listening, TP2- Unit 2,Global, P20, EX 1-3
Upper Intermediate, B2 level


The first part of this lesson gets Ss to think about a word with multiple-meaning that they already know, but probably haven't considered with all its meaning together. They will try to consolidate and differentiate between the different meanings of "right". Ss will become familiar with this multiple-meaning word throughout receptive listening and reading in order to use it in later.


Abc U5B coursebook p.40 exc.1,2,3 vocabulary
Abc U2 teacherbook p.18
Abc U2 activity book p.10 exc.1 vocabulary,
Abc Google images

Main Aims

  • Reading and Listening, to clarify and practice the different usages and meanings of "right"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary and speaking, to produce questions and answers to confirm the meanings of "right"


Warming-up (5-6 minutes) • To get Ss in the context of multi-meaning vocabularies.

I will start by displaying pictures to refer to the different meaning of the word "left".

Vocabulary (7-9 minutes) • To consolidate the usages of "right" in context and preparing for the next receptive reading and listening ones.

I will write the word "right" to open discussion about its meanings and usages. There will be an A and B task to be done in PW to try the first sentences. After that, Ss will tick the right meaning in two exercises.FB will be on the board. another listening ex will be for Ss to match the correct meaning,

Pre- reading and listening (6-8 minutes) • To get Ss to the context of the text and create interest, being an important stage in receptive skills.

I will start by explaining the dominant vocabularies in the next reading task via projector. writing these words on the boards, drilling them, Then there will be a gist task to motivate students for understanding the next listening.

While reading and listening (12-15 minutes) • Reading the quiz and listening to the materials.

Ss will do the quiz individually, check in pairs, listen to the materials and check again with the teacher. Listening will be used as FB. After the first listening, Ss will try to answer questions to get the gist of the recordings. I will play it for FB and if it is necessary, I will play it again for consolidating answers.

Post reading and listening (5-7 minutes) • To focus the language and use the vocabularies.

I will write keywords on the board to discuss the main ideas of the listening as a fellow-up task.

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