Yavuz Mustaoglu Yavuz Mustaoglu

CLL Demo Lesson
Beginner level


In this CLL lesson, the students will practice how to introduce themselves in Turkish. They will practice saying hello and saying where they are from.


Abc In-class recording, the Human Computer, the board

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for Introducing yourself in the context of a classroom

Subsidiary Aims

  • To create and environment of trust and safety
  • To give SS an opportunity to express themselves in a language they are not competent in, yet.
  • To give SS a chance to review the language they used to communicate with each other
  • To help SS develop independence


Step 1 • To state the aim of the lesson

T states the aim of the lesson: Saying hello and saying where they are from

Step 2 • To create a recording of SS saying the target language

SS say their names and where they are from and their utterances is recorded. T provides help wherever SS need while speaking.

Step 3 • To do a language analysis using the in class recording

T plays the recording and puts the language on the board. T elicits the meaning, form and function of the language items.

Step 4 • SS practice with the Human Computer

T asks SS to say their names and where they are from. T explains that he will repeat their sentences with possible changes.

Step 5 • To discuss the experience

A class discussion of the experience concludes the lesson. T acknowledges how the SS felt during the lesson without giving advice.

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