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Personal Charateristics
Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will be exposed to new character adjectives through a listening exercise about a job interview. Students will also be exposed to job skill related collocations. If there is time, the students will use the new information in discussing job interviews.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of adjectives that describe personal characteristics and skills in the context of a job interview.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about life skills in the context of a job i


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To activate schemata about finding a job and job interviews.

T opens 'I'm quite happy the weather has been nice and school will finish soon.' T elicits 'What do students do when school ends for the year?' T puts a picture of a university graduation ceremony. T elicits 'What' are these students doing?' 'Will they be going on holiday?' T asks 'Do you know anyone who is graduating university this year?' T says 'My wife's niece is graduating this year from Istanbul University with a degree in business and she's hoping to find a job in a bank?' T elicits 'What skills do you need to work in a bank?' T draws a mind map writing 'skill set' in the middle and connects the suggestions to the main bubble. T asks a few students 'What is your job? What is one skill that you need?'

PRE-LISTENING (3-4 minutes) • To activate schemata about job skills.

T says 'What skills do you need in your job?' T says 'Complete these sentences about job skills. I'll give you two minutes.' ICQ 'Are your writing about your general abilities? I can cook. I speak German.' T says 'Look at your partner's paper.' 'Do you have the skills to do his or her job?' 'Discuss it with your partner for two minutes.' ICQ 'Are you talking about the skills you need for your job?'

Listening for gist (5-6 minutes) • To listen to a recruitment specialist and note the skills she mentions.

T writes 'Recruitment Specialist' on the board. T elicits 'What does a recruitment specialist do?' T asks 'Does a recruitment specialist work for the employer or employee?' Instructions 'Listen to the recruitment specialist and write the important skills she talks about.' ICQ 'What are you listening for?' T hands out the worksheet. Students check in pairs.

Listening for specific information. (5-6 minutes) • To listen for detail and complete the notes.

T says 'Now listen closely and complete the notes.'' T plays listening and monitors to see if Sts need to hear again, also asks. T says 'Pick two that are important for your job and tell you partner. You have a minute.' Feedback WC 'Which are important for you?'

Introducing lexis (8-10 minutes) • To introduce students to character adjectives.

T writes on the board 'If I work like a cow, I am A. really boring, B tired C hard-working.' T asks 'Which do you think is correct.' T says 'note: we don't say work like a cow, but work like a dog.' T asks 'What kind of word is hard-working?' 'Can you name some others?' T hands out matching exercise. Instructions: 'Work with your partner and match the adjective to the definition.' T groups students to have them check. CCQs: See Language Anaylsis form. Instruction: Tick the skills you have. Now stand up and find people who have the same skills as you Write his or her name next to the skill. You can ask one question and then you need to talk to a new person. ICQ: Are you going to ask about every skill? Are you going to ask the same person all the questions? Instruction You have two minutes Feedback T asks Sts about who has the same skills.

Additional Lexis (8-10 minutes) • To discover is these character adjectives are positive or negative

T says 'Here are some more character adjectives.' Instructions: 'In your group, make two piles and divide them into positive and negative words.' Model 'I have unpunctual, positive or negative? OK. Let's put that in the negative pile. ICQ 'How many groups of words?' 'How do we divide them?' Instruction 'You have one minute.' CCQs new lexis: see Language Anaylsis. T puts three/four pics on the board: a pirate, a sales person, an engineer, and a football coach. T puts the students into groups of 3 or 4 and lines them up in front of the pictures. Instruction: Write the character adjectives needed for these jobs. Write one adjective, give the pen to the next person and go to the back of the line. Work quickly because you have 1.5 minutes. This is a race. The team with the most wins. ICQ: 'After you write an adjective, what do you do?'

Lexis in context (5-6 minutes) • To introduce Sts to the verb forms needed with the job skills

T handouts page and draws attention to #6 T ask 'Which of these skills does our pirate need?' T works through the job skills to check understanding through CCQs Instruction Match the skills with verbs below. (T models team player) Work with your partner. You have three minutes. Feedback

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