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Grammar(present perfect and past simple)
Life Style, Int, Pearson, 2010 level


T teaches present perfect and its difference with past simple through situational context . Afterwards sts will have some controlled practices and a reading task containing the new grammar tense . finally sts have a writing practice.


Abc Course book, , board, pictures, realia,
Abc Course book, , board, pictures, realia,

Main Aims

  • Sts are exposed to the grammar of present perfect and past simple and the difference between them in situational context of autobigraphy

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sts pracitce reading for gist and deatails ( and come across to new tenses) in the context of talented people's lives


lead-in (0-5 minutes) • To engage sts to unconscciously use the intended grammar and break the ice

T greets sts and asks sts to close their eyes T changes the place of some materials in the class and asks them to open their eyes and says what T has changed. ( T pastes the picture of her flatmate , Rose on the board among these changes) and elicits the Present perfect tense

presentation (0-18 minutes) • Sts are exposed to present perfect and past simple in a situnational context

T introduces her flatmate and pastes the map of some countries on the board. T says: Guess about her life. T writes correct elicitation on the board: 1)She was born in Russia in 1984. She got married in Germany in 2003. 2) she has been a teacher in Istanbul for 7 years T has CCQ: 1)When did it happen?is it a finished or an unfinished action?why? 2) Is she a teacher now? when did she start teaching? what was her job 7 years ago? Did she stop her job since seven years ago?what can I use instead of " for & years"? is it a finished action? T does drilling and pronunciation practice at the sametime and draws a time line. T continues her story: Rose and I are good friends but sometimes we face problem with each other and she shows her broken glasses. T says: what can you see in my hand? broken glasses. T elicit : She has broken my glasses CCQ: When did it break? is it a finished time? Is it a finished action? what's the result? What do u see in my hand? Result T does pronunciation practice, and draws a time line. T continues her story and shows the picture of Rose while taking exam and while getting nervous for her last exam. T elicit these sentences: 1) She has already passed three exams. 2)She hasn't studied yet. T practices pronunciation. CCQ for sentence No 1: When has the event happened? Does the sentence tell us when the action happened? Is it finished or unfinished time? Did it happen later than expected? No, sooner Can you use already in negative sentences? Do we use already for finished time? CCQ for sentence No 2: Might it happen in the future?might she study in the future? we did the the action happen? when might it happen? Can you use yet in positive sentences? Do we use yet for finished time? What's the difference between already and yet? T write the affirmative, negative and question form on the board and shows the contractions with different colors. T asks sts to give some examples.

practice (0-6 minutes) • Sts practices present perfect an past simple throuh some controlled practices

CP1:T asks sts to do exe 1 in one min and write the correct form of the verbs? ICQ: Can you use present simple ?no which tenses can you use? FB: one of the sts come to the board and write the answers CP2:T asks sts to write time expressions in their appropriate place in the table in exe 2( 1 min) T does the first one as a modelling. FB: T divides the class in to two group of "for" and " since". Each group should knock on their table when they hear their own expressions. ICQ: Group " For" ,can you knock on your table if I say 2007? No... why? Optional: CP3: T asks the sts to do the gap filling activity of Rose's authobiography in exe3. (4 min) ICQ: how much time do you have? What tenses can you use? FB: T gives the answers in paper.

pre-reading (0-2 minutes) • T engages students' mind with life of fmaous talented people

T pastes a famous person's picture on the board and asks sts what he was famous for? T preteach the word " Talented" T asks students to read the profiles and match them with their suitable picture.

while reading( reading for gist and detail) (0-7 minutes) • Sts practice reading for gist and details in a context about talented people and they are exposed to present perfect forms in the context.

T asks students to read the profiles and match them with their suitable picture.(gist) T asks sts to read the text again and answer the questions in exe4. FB: a wc feedback is perfomed by volunteers. CP ; T asks students to underline the present perfect tenses in the text . Sts check their answers.

Prdouctive task (0-7 minutes) • Sts practise writing for accuracy in the context of their autobigraphy

T writes some questions on the board related to autobigraphy: For example When/ where you born? when did you start school? etc T reminds them they can use the text for more ideas T reminds them that they should use present perfect and past tense in their writing. (5) ICQ: How much time do you have? who can say one of the sentences of her/his writing? Which tenses should you use? Can use other tenses ? Yes. FB: Sts at the end swap their paper and correct each other's mistake and say to teacher how many mistake they found in their friend's writing

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