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TP4.. accommodation
A2 ( elemetary) level


In this lesson, ss read and discuss some accommodations advertisements. The lesson starts with a brainstorming about what a good accommodation is like and then personalizing it. Then there is a pre-reading task completing a chart. After that they get to the reading text which is a kind of matching exercise. And it ends with a task in which students write about the accommodation they can provide, and then find one for themselves from what other students offer.


Main Aims

  • To provide scan and detailed reading practice using a text titled "Room to let" in the context of accommodation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide ss an opportunity to talk and justify their choices in the context of accommodation


Lead-in / warmer (6-7 minutes) • to elicit and provide the students with ideas to describe accommodations

elicit the characteristics of good accommodations from the students by writing the word "accommodation" on the board and brainstorming the class ideas then the students work in pairs talk about the kind of accommodation they like to live in if they go to another country e.g. England to study at university, etc. If some of the students are puzzled about the meaning of accommodation, the teacher elicits the meaning from the rest of the class so every one is clear about the concept.

pre-reading task (4-5 minutes) • to provide ss some the vocabularies in the text in the form of a matching task to make it more student-centereded

ss get a handout containing some vocabularies and their definitions. They need to work in pairs and match them together Based on the time they took, the checking can be whole class check when ss say the correct answers or they get an answer key to self-check their answers

Reading task 1 (7-8 minutes) • to scan and get specific information from the text

Ss receive a text of some accommodation advertisements and a chart with two questions on. Ss read the text quickly and then work in pairs or small groups try to complete the information asked on the chart. After finishing the task, ss come to the board and complete the chart (or if their doing the task took long, I'd just project the answer key on the board for the ss to self-check)

Reading task 2 and whole class discussion (14-15 minutes) • to read and get the understanding of each section of the text to be able to match the related parts and to justify their choices

ss read the text to understand what are the conditions of each accommodation and then in pairs walk around the class reading the six profiles on the wall and try to match each person with the best accommodation possible based on what they mentioned in their profiles.Then pairs in turn will report their matching results to the class justifying their choices.

post-reading task (10-11 minutes) • to give ss an opportunity to create their imaginary accommodation advertisement

Ss work in small groups trying to write a short advertisement about their imaginary accommodation. Then a representative from each group will read their advertisements to the class and they choose the accommodation best suit them.

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