Khaled Amrane Khaled Amrane

teaching practice TP 04(Grammar)
Pre-intermediate level B1 level


In this lesson students will be introduced to second conditional using (if clause with a main clause.they will be guided through some activities how the 2nd conditional can be used,


Abc inside Out pre int-book page 104

Main Aims

  • To introduce a specific tense used in different situations which is unlikely to happen (second conditional) in a clear way.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide learners with some speaking practice to build up their accuracy using the 2nd conditional


khaled . ;01 dec 2015;teaching practice TP04. (3-5 minutes) • Warmer-lead-in to set a context and engage the learners,

I will set a proofreading on the board and ask them a few questions related to pictures Exposure /model a sentence wirh clear writing on WB.

Clarification (10-12 minutes)

I will focus on clarifyng the sentence clear ,concise and complete starting with the meaning form /prononciation. -Meaning /give the Ss a clear meaning for the sentenses -Form / I use different coulors and set the 2nd conditional form simple and clear Pronciation/Drill some of the words like would ,wouldn't

Controlled practice (14-16 minutes)

This first and two exercices are goog practice for 2nd cond as they are related to each other and it could be done in pairs to mai,tain the context,with ICQ

• I will give them a mode sentence on the board ,I will make a clear,concise and complete clarification
semi- controlled (10-12 minutes)

Finishing off tasks working on exercice 04 ,5 as sub skills and FB and allowing them for some language items practice.

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