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The right job for you. Gerund and Infinitive
Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson SS learn about the use of Gerunds and Infinitive, answer the questionnaire about jobs "The right job for you". After that learners get comtrolled and freer practiceto activate their knowledge of gerunds and infinitives.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the use of Gerunds and Infinitives in the context of jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of personal experience


Stage 1 (Lead-in) (5-7 minutes) • to introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson interesting for the students

Quickly ask the SS about the jobs they do. Give HO and get the SS complete the questionnaire with the suitable verb forms working individually, then get them in groups of 3, check with the partners. Provide the answers for the SS to check their variants. Working individually SS tick tthe correct answers for themselves, after they get in pairs, check their variants - explain their choice. After that give the SS the Answer key to the quiz - ask if they agree or disagree with the results.

Stage 2 (Grammar rules) (10-15 minutes) • to clear up the use of Gerund and Infinitive

Ask the SS look at the questionnaire one more time and underline all the words that go before the Gerunds and Infinitives, state each part of speech, then work out and complete the rule in ex.3D. Show the SS a list of verbs and ask them to put those verbs into the correct column - Gerund, to+Inf, Inf. individually, then get in pairs, check. Clear up the meanings of Try + Gerund/Infinitive and Remember + Gerund/Infinitive tryiong to elicit the meaning from the SS with the help of the examples. Model and drill ther pronunciation.

Stage 3. (Controlled practice) (5-8 minutes) • to provide the possibility for the SS to practise the accuracy of the TL

Give the SS a HO with 2 exercises on Gerunds and Infinitive. SS work individually completing the tasks, first they check in pairs then get the FB from the SS on the WB. (If there are early finishers, ask them to write the answers on the WB)

Stage 4. (Freer practice) (10-15 minutes) • to provide the possibility for the SS to practise the fluency of the TL

Arrange SS in teh groups of 3, give them a HO with information that they complete about themselves (SS choose 3 circles), after that they discuss their experience in groups.

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