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B1 level


In this grammar lesson students will learn the M,F and P of the past hypothetical conditional in the context of Giant Leaps in History, and practise the TL and the productive skill speaking.


Abc HO p.105, ex. 5a
Abc HO p.105, ex. 4c
Abc R. 9.2 - ex.5b
Abc HO p.105 and 162, Reading texts
Abc HO p.162 - 163, ex.7a
Abc OHT p.105, ex.4b - Rule box

Main Aims

  • Grammar - Past Hypothetical Conditional

Subsidiary Aims

  • Productive skill speaking, sub-skills speaking for accuracy and speaking for fluency


Lead-in discussion (5-6 minutes) • To create the need for the TL

So, what is our topic today? What did you talk about in the first two lessons? (important events and developments in history) Which discovery was the most important? -Elicit few answers from SS to get them involved in the topic. What would be different if these discoveries hadn't happened? -Pair work discussion

Language Clarification - Meaning and Form (4-5 minutes) • To show the meaning and form of the TL

=If Galileo hadn't defended his theories, he would have been a free man. If he hadn't written Doctrinale, education would have remained the same.= These are two sentences from the texts you read. They are separate sentences. Read them again. CCQs: Did he write the Doctrinale? (yes) So is this a real situation? (no) Did the education remain the same? (no) So is this a real situation? (no) How many situations are there in this sentence? (two) Are they both in the past? (yes) Are they both unreal? (yes)

Reading for specific detail (3-4 minutes) • To help SS recognise the TL in the text while practising the receptive skill reading

(p.105, ex. 4b) Look at the sentence patterns and find one other example in the texts. -Peer check FB

Controlled Practice - Fill in the gaps (5-7 minutes) • To practise the TL

Fill in the gaps with the correct form. -HO ex.5a -Monitor -Peer check FB - Listen and check your answers. -Play R.9.2

Language Clarification - Pronunciation (3-4 minutes) • To show weak form in contractions

Now listen again and repeat. -Play R.9.2 and drill one sentence at a time. -Elicit weak form

Language Clarification - Clause Order (3-4 minutes) • To show the alternative clause order

Look at these sentences and find out what is different. -HO p.105, ex.4c - Pair work FB - What is different? Does the meaning change?

Semi-controlled Practice - Speaking for accuracy (7-8 minutes) • To practise the TL using personal information

Write down three important things that have happened to you in the last year. -Monitor -Swap lists Look at your partner's list and write sentences about how their life would have been different if these things hadn't happened. -Discuss answers -Delayed error correction

Semi-controlled Practice - Speaking for fluency (7-10 minutes) • To practice TL within context

Discuss with your partner. -HO discussion sheets p.162-163 -Delayed error correction

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