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Present progressive tense
Beginners' level level


In this lesson, students learn about present progressive tense through reading and speaking using different vocabulary about different kinds of jobs people are busy with daily. The lesson starts with pronunciation using schwa sound then students discuss practising the sound in complete sentences. Afterwards, students practice using present progressive tense in a short activity followed by writing sentences about who are they and what are they doing at that moment. Finally, there will be a role play of some sort of activity making complete sentences to practice present progressive tense.


Abc (enlarged) Practice task 1 - (enlarged) practice task 2 (speaking) - task 3 enlarged

Main Aims

  • To provide
  • To provide for the students to practice speaking for fluency about different activities people are busy with at the moment.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For the students to use present progressive tense in complete sentences about "Who are the people and what people are doing?" from a picture.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- will introduce myself and welcome students to my class - will start with my name making a name tag. - students will make their own name tags, will listen to their names and try to pay attention to schwa sound in their names. - will write the schwa sound on the board - will relate students' names in terms of pronunciation to the schwa sound which is written on the board. - will talk slowly and clearly - will introduce the schwa sound by making the sound in the grammar of "and, the, of" without stress, the weak form of schwa. - will write these words on the board - will have students pronounce the sound. - will make sure students are sitting with a partner or pair them up. - will pair them up by making them choosing their pair partner having the schwa sound first. - will give them instruction by: listen to the audio script of the conversation between Carla and Dean, pay attention to the schwa sound which is /e/ - will use ICQ by what will you be doing? will you be talking to each other? Will ask them, will you be listening? - I will play an audio script, you will listen to the schwa sound which is marked /e/. - will ask ICQ again, will you listen to any other sound? - will pass the pronunciation sheet out to students. - will play the audio cd. - students will listen to a weak form of schwa form - students pay attention to the pronunciation of schwa weak form.

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • For the students to practice speaking using the weak form of schwa sound in a sentence.

- will elicit the vocabulary: colleague - will talk about who has come to BS from work? what do you do for work? the person who works next to you is your??....... airport - will elicit by asking who has travelled where? Gym - will act being in the gym. boss - will ask students where are they working? Who is their boss? How is he? nice...? Special - will have students pronounce this first then elicit by drawing sale of carpet regularly 200 tl and now 150 tl. what is 150 tl regular sale or .......sale? for the phenomics, - will write: I'd, we're - will pair students by their month of birthday - will write "short telephone conversation" on the board with your new pair - will write "say why you can't do" - will make sure students understand, ask will you write anything? Will you speak? Will you plan? - will you pay attention to which sound? the weak form of schwa sound? - will have students repeat the " I can't do...." sound to make sure they pronounce it correctly. does airport have the /e/ sound? what is the /e/ sound in the first sentence? - will pass the speaking activity questions out to students. - will listen to their conversation - will make a note of their mistakes or errors, either have the partner explain to them if the partner gets it wrong too. I will make a note of it and explain it at the end of the activity. - will ask for volunteers to share their conversation in front of the class, if not they will share in their groups

Practice present progressive in a sentence (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with simple usage of present progressive tense by filling the blanks.

- will add "seminar" "moment" on the board for eliciting - will add isn't on the board for phenomics - will ask the class about the first 2 questions in the worksheet - will draw a timeline on the board to make sure students understand the difference between the present tense, present continuous and present perfect continuous tenses. My cat has been sleeping all day. - will draw a line on the board team A and team B - will give an example about my self. I am teaching right now. will walk from one side of the line to the other for visual demonstration and clear instruction. I will show that the team with most questions answered will get the most points and that is the "winner" team. - will ask students to get in two groups whichever Team get the most verbs correct will win the game. - on the board, one group comes up with the verb and a noun the other group talks to each other and write a short sentence. They should use the first, second and third person in constructing their sentences. The team who answers the question will come up with a question. The role changes to the other group.

Practice vocabulary using present progressive tense (14-16 minutes) • To provide students with more practice of relevant vocabulary by using the present progressive tense.

- will write the questions on the board - will pass the pictures out to students, picture A to one student in the pair and picture B to the other student in the pair. - one partner looks at the picture A the other partner in picture B. - partners write about the pictures each writes 6 sentences about the picture - each partner explains the picture to the other partner using present progressive tense and other relevant vocabularies.

role playing of an event (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with an opportunity to respond to the role play and and expand on their vocabulary and verbs using in the present progressive tense.

- will divide the class into 4 groups - one group will choose from the set of pictures to play that event - the other group will describe that event using present progressive tense.

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