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Beginner level


In this lesson Ss learn new vocabulary in the context of 'Daily routines' with a review on 'Present Simple'


Abc Flash Cards

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary in the context of 'daily routines' with means of 'present simple' and 'time words'

Subsidiary Aims

  • Review of 'present simple' tense/ Speaking


Warmer (2-3 minutes) • Make them engage in PW right from the beginning/ A quick review of 'time words'/ Review of 'Present Simple'

The T will put up a big clock on the board and draw clock hands to show a random time. After this demonstration ,she will ask ICQs: 1. now, you are going to? darw a time on the clocks. she will had out a clock-shape handout.

Review of 'time words' (2-4 minutes) • To review time words

Ss should work in pairs showing each other their clocks and the other person should say the time. For this, first the T will chest her clock and ask Ss: CCQ: What time is it? It's x o'clock.

Day-to-day vocabulary (3-7 minutes) • To set a context for ;day-to-day' words

T will gather the clock from the Ss and put some of them on the board. pointing to each one , she says what she does every day. Then she links this context to Carol's, chesting a Matching HO about carol: CCQ: Now, this is are going to? match her daily activities to the pictures. (,of course, a big part of this CCQ is not put into words!) Then T gives them the HO,monitors and has a WC FB ( T will write the answers on the right hand side of the board for next) and drills for stress patterns.

Consolidation (3-5 minutes) • To have ss to practice the TL in a written form to have a written version of it

T draws a simple table with the words:Morning.afternoon, evening, night and will point to some of the 'day-to-day' words and put them in the related row. Then Ss will do the same alone. Ss will check in pairs,T Monitors and then a quick WC Check,

Writing Activity (7-10 minutes) • Production the TL/ Productive skill

T will hand out a sheet of paper to each Ss and ask them to write 8 sentences of the things they do everyday. She stick a paper on the board and write 2-3 examples of her own daily activities. She monitors and do error correction as suitable.

modelling 'what time do you.....?' (2-4 minutes) • Review/Practice of Present Simple Wh-question

T writes 'what time do you......?' on the board. To demonstrate, she uses one of the 'day-to-day' words and ask a good S. she does the same with a few more Ss. then takes out some flash cards with the words on them and does Substitution Drills.

mingle (10-12 minutes) • productive skill/ Speaking production

T will give each s a HO which is actually a survey of 'what time do you...? Sswill mingle in the class, asking these questions from each other and writing their class mates'answers and names. Then they will report what their friend said to the class.

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