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Sevgi Üstün, 23rd of July, Teaching Practice 8, Transportation
Elementary level


This lesson is designed to help the learners practice vocabulary within the context of transportation using test teach test technique. The lesson is going to start with grouping the words activity. After I diagnose the problematic words, I will do language clarification and teach the words which they don't know. Later I am going to test the learners' knowledge by matching the definitions with the words activity. There will also be some speaking practice about the topic by some controlled and semi controlled practices.


Abc Course book, hand outs, pictures, cue cards, WB.

Main Aims

  • To provide the learners practice vocabulary within the context of transportation through some activities like grouping words into "know/not sure/don't know" and matching the words with definitions by using test teach test technique.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, the learners will also practiced speaking as fluently as possible using the words given by controlled and semi controlled practices.


Lead-in:Introduction to the topic (3-4 minutes) • To make the Ss ready for the next stages.

The T is going to show the Ss some transportation pictures and will ask them what they think. T is going to write some questions on the board and ask them to discuss with their partners.

Testing the students' knowledge:Grouping the words into "know/not sure/don't know". (3-8 minutes) • To check how many of the words the students know and don't know.

The T gives to each learner a hand out. They will group the words on the hand out as "Words I know and can give an example of", "Words I thinks I know but I am not totally sure" and "Words I don't know". The gives them a few minutes to fill the hand out and then the learners do peer checking. The T will be monitoring very closely at this stage and diagnose their weak points. Then the T gives the FB :The T will draw faces on the board to show the categorization. (eg: smiling face means I know the word) ICQs: Will you write? .

Teaching the words they don't know: language clarification. (4-10 minutes) • To show the students the vocabulary they don't know or they don't feel comfortable about in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation.

I assume that they will mostly have difficulty with: fire-engine sailing boat crane submarine digger rowing boat speed boat hang glider lorry broomstick truck Meaning:The T is going to stick the pictures of the words on the WB. Then T asks the students to guess their meanings discussing with their partners. They will come and write them on the WB and the T will give the FB eliciting the words. Form:The T will write on the board: " Şükufe and Hayri are going on a holiday by ....................." T asks: who are going to holiday? (Ş. and H.) ------ subject. What are they doing? (go on a holiday)----------- verb How? (by bus, train etc.)-------------- object So is this a verb? a subject? (no) It is a noun. Pronunciation: The T will model the words and drill them from the Ss and also show them on WB where the stress is.

Testing again: Matching the definitions with the pictures and grouping them as land, water and air transportations. (4-8 minutes) • To check whether all students have understood the words.

The T gives them hand outs. They will match the pictures with the words and group them as land, air, water transportations. They will compare their answers with the pairs. The T gives the FB with the answer sheet. ICQs: Will you group the words?

Controlled practice: Role play (3-8 minutes) • To provide the students practice speaking by role play

The T gives Ss a hand out. There are two dialogues. The Ss will work with their partners and make a role play. Then they will swap the roles and the hand outs with the other groups and do role play again. The T will be monitoring.

Semi- controlled speaking practice: Ask and answer the questions (4-8 minutes) • To provide speaking practice using transportation words.

The T will divide them into groups.The T is going to give the Ss 10 questions. They will thinks about them and answer them with their groups. The T will monitor them and do error correction later.

Back up task: Board rush. (4-7 minutes) • To make sure that Ss have understood the words.

There will be 2 groups. They will compete. T will stick the pictures of transportation on the WB. The students will try to take the picture when the T tells a word. The group that collects the most pictures will win the race.

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