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writing lesson plan
Intermediate G6 level


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Main Aims

  • to learn contrast ideas in an article .to organize an article correctly . to write an article about a kind of entertainment they love or hate

Subsidiary Aims

  • encourage Ss to improve their work for grammatical accuracy,range of vocab punctuation and spelling


Warm up (3 minutes) • to learn contrast ideas in an article , organise an article correctly .write an article about a kind of entertainment they love or hate.

T. divides Ss to 4 groups each with a sheet that is scheduled into 5 categories (human , animal , plant , non living thing , country) five column.. T. will say a letter all groups start should start write words starts with the letter the T. mentioned ..the group that finishes first shouts (CHECK) other groups stop write immediately T. checks the answers if they are all true. T. goes to the next letter..The group who wins 3 times consecutively will be the winner. ICQs : 1- how much time do you have? 3min 2- how will you work? 4 groups 3- are you going to speak or write ? write 4- what will the group do when finishes? shouts CHECK

Lead in (4 minutes) • set lesson context and engage students

T. displays some Pic on the board discuss the photos with Ss ,ask some questions ..Look at the first pic what are these kids doing ?( fight) which one is younger?(the one who attacks) look at the other pic how does the lady look? she looks healthy although she is very old. look at this room how do you find it? its very small but its very neat. show the idea of contrasting .. discussion will be open

gist reading (15-18 minutes) • to provide a model text for ss to provide overall understanding for contrasting

Ask Ss to mention opposite or contrasting ideas they encounter. display a text on the board for Ss discuss the main idea with the SS and ask them what do they prefer for entertainment and what do they hate? discuss the details of the text ask some Qs : What's the main idea of the text ?(It's more comfortable to and convenient to watch films and TV series at home) does the writer like films?(yes) does the writer like going out with friends?(yes) does she like going out to cinema? (no) T. tell SS to watch the last sentence in paragraph 1 ( i like having fun . However , i don't really enjoy going to the cinema any more.) ask ss about the meaning of this sentence ask them to give a short word has the same meaning as however (but) point out the sentence (although many people say that seeing a film at cinema is a good chance to be sociable , i really hate to listen to other people's comments.) also discuss it's meaning (even) ask SS to find more sentences with contrasting words as they read. (I politely asked them to be quiet. Despite this ,they continued . ) ( In spite of my love of films and TV shows , I don't enjoy all of them) Let Ss NOTICE that words ( in spite of and despite ) only precede nouns or pronouns T. exchanges the noun with a verb to explain the irrelevant structure so Ss be aware of using it in their writings. T, highlight the word (while) in the sentence ( While I watch a lot of films , also watch a lot of TV shows ) T. explains the meaning of the word while and how it shows contrast between first and second sentences it joins .. asks them to use it in sentences orally so they can apply it in their writings .. T. mentions some more contrasting words explains their meaning, their position in sentences at the beginning or in the middle and how they show opposite or contrast. Now T. divides Ss into 4 groups discuss and solve sheets in 5 min .. then display answers on the board after all groups finish . Complete the rules and examples with words in the box.Use each word twice. although - despite - however - in spite of - while 1- I enjoy films. __________ I think I prefer TV series. 2- We can use __________ at the beginning of the sentence it contrast with an idea in the previous sentence. 3- __________/4-___________cinemas have become more comfortable ,they'er not as comfortable as my sofa. We can use 5- __________and 6- ____________ at the beginning of the sentence to introduce a contrasting idea . They are followed by a clause with a verb. The price of cinema tickets has gone up recently . 7- __________/ 8-_________ the coast , I still love the movies. We can use 9-_________ and 10- __________at the beginning of the sentence to introduce a contrasting idea. They are followed by a noun or pronoun. ICQs : 1- how will you work?( 4 groups) 2- are you going to write the answers or write them?(write) 3- how much time do you have?(5 min) Answers: 1-however 2- however 3- although/ while 4- although/while 5- although/ while 6- although/while 7- despite/in spite of 8- despite/in spite of 9- despite/in spite of 10-despite/in spite of Now T. asks Ss to work in pairs to match the ideas to make sentences using the words in the brackets . Only one sentence for each pair of ideas in 5 min ICQs 1- How will you work?(in pairs) 2- how much time do you have?(5 min) 3- how will you match the ideas ?(using the words in the brackets) 4- how many sentences will you write?(1 sentence for each pair of ideas)

Language preparation (layout) (5 minutes) • to be aware of the structure and layout of the text Ss will write

T. asks SS to look at text again and skim paragraphs 2-4 .. Ss will answer Qs in 2 min in pairs .. choose a or b for each question: A- What's the main idea for each paragraph.. 1- paragraph 2 : a-cinema audience b- being polite in cinema 2- paragraph 3 : a- boring films b- the convenience of staying home 3- paragraph 4 : a- the length of TV series b- an alternative to watching films. ICQs 1- how will you work? (in pairs) 2- how much time do you have? (2 min) 3- are you going to match ,write, or choose?(choose) Answers : a- b -b T asks Ss some qs.. answer openly 1- Is the main idea mentioned at the beginning or in the middle of paragraph 1? 2- Does the writer examples sometimes? 3- How does the writer gets the reader attention in paragraph 1? 4- Does the writer introduce new ideas in conclusion paragraph ?why?why not? Answers: 1- Beginning 2- Yes, examples from personal experience . 3- with questions. 4- No, because the purpose of conclusion is to summarize the idea already given and close the blog in an interesting way.

content preparation (8 minutes) • to provide Ss an opportunity for brainstorming ideas and making notes

Now Ss learned that all paragraphs should have an introduction, body ,and conclusion T. is going to ask Ss to think and discuss in small groups an entertainment they love or hate inspire thoughts from the text they've read ; they should write down their notes before they start writing their essays. ICQs 1- Are you going to write notes in groups or individually?(in groups) 2- how much time do you have?(8 min) 3- are you going to only discuss the ideas or write notes with them? write notes Teacher monitors Ss , helps with vocab and corrects errors in this stage.

Productive task (10 minutes) • to get Ss used to write their ideas with relevant language

Now in 10 min each Ss will write his/her rough draft and each S will contrast his draft with his shoulder mate and then each pair will exchange their drafts with another pair and view each other writings . Icqs; 1- how much time do you have? (10 min) 2- how are you going to work?(individually an then in pairs) 3- are you going to write new ideas ? (No , the previous ideas you already wrote last stage) T. monitors Ss ,give support and makes sure each pairs are working out.

Feedback and error correction (10 minutes) • to develop Ss ability to self correct and assess their written work

T. asks Ss to start writing first draft individually on blank sheet .. S who finishes in each group (according to seating chart ) exchanges his seat with a mate in another group ..each of them reviews his mate's writing and writes feedback on sticky notes .. Ss can move around exchanging seat with all Ss who finish their essays until they get back to their seats read the feedback notes .. and then they start write a final draft . hand it to T. to be checked and hanged out in the writing board.

PACS • to correct common mistakes and wrap up

T. highlight common mistakes Ss make during their speaking or writing activities and try to elicit correction from them and provide the right answers .

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