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Teaching Plan: B2
Intermediate level


This lesson provides students with an opportunity to develop their functional language through learning some grammatical points and also uses them to develop their speaking skill.


Abc Student's book: p.50-1, ex.2-7

Main Aims

  • In this language lesson students are going to expand their knowledge of grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • In this skill lesson students are going to develop their speaking ability and to provide them an opportunity to be productive.


warmer( video, who wants to be a milliner) (5 minutes) • As an icebreaker this to make students feel relax and to provide them with some speaking practice.

Ask students, who wants to be a milliner and then wait to see who's dreaming to be a milliner. play the video and let them watch. After the video ask them to discuss in pairs/groups about the possible ways of becoming a milliner. While they are discussing monitor them and help them if necessary. After a while ask one in each group to report back his/her group's idea to the whole class.

Introduce the Context (10 minutes) • To prepare students for the topic of the grammar and also as a pre-teaching task.

you give students hand out to match the sentences 1 to 6 in P.45/5 with the definitions. You ask them to work in pairs, give them time to finish the task, then let them check their answers with other pairs. while they are on the task monitor them.

Teaching Grammar (10 minutes) • To provide students with a more challenging, detailed activities of their grammar task.

you give them handouts, in their hand out their is a blank table divided into three parts with some sentences under the table. you ask them to complete the table in pairs after they finished the task you give them time to check with other students. then you drill two example sentences in their book for the correct pronunciation of have to and mustn't.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (5 minutes) • To reduce the burden of the reading task in the following stage. and to give students a chance to expand on what they have learned.

You show them pictures to represent the new words. To make sure they fully understand the words they are going to be asked some CCQs to clarify the meaning. after you make sure about the first two stages of ECDW you move on to choral drill and ind drill, at the end you write the word on the board.

Alternatives Checking (5 minutes) • Students underline the correct alternative. To give students a chance to expand on what they have learned.

Students skim read the text alone to find their answers. Then put the students in groups of 3/4 to check their answers. monitor them through the whole stage and make sure everyone is on the task. P. 135/4.1.

Focus Students on Productive Phase (5 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to have some productive practice .

For this task put them in pairs to re-write the sentences and make negative and affirmative sentences using the words in the prompts. While they are doing monitor them and make sure they are on the task and your instructions are clear. student's book P.45/6A

Oral Production Task (5 minutes) • To enable students to practice what they have learned and give them a chance to strengthen their ability to use the grammar orally.

Put them in two groups let them chose a job and share their ideas on what qualities are/aren't important for the job they chose. While they are on the task monitor them and help if it needed, when they finish one in each group report back to the whole class.

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