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Teaching Practice No: 1 - (14 August 2013)
Pre-Intermediate - Level A2 level


In this lesson, students will further develop their productive (speaking and writing) skills by better understanding and practicing "compound nouns". We will be doing various activities like that will focus on finding the right words to make a compound noun and encouraging teamwork to better grasp the meaning and the usage of compound nouns.


Abc Reading Text
Abc Matching the Words
Abc Naming the Pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of compound nouns in the context of daily life objects and necessary items needed when travelling abroad.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversations in the context of travel and daily life.


Warmer / Lead-in (10-15 minutes) • To get the attention of the students in the class and set up pairs for the upcoming exercises

At the start of the lesson, the teacher will get the attention of the students by pulling out items from a bag that he has brought. The items will be compound nouns but the teacher will skip the description for it until the students they try them out themselves by searching for compound nouns from the reading text. The students will then note the compound nouns that they have selected from the reading passage and with the help of the teacher their errors will be corrected. The teacher will then summarize and desribe "compound nouns" to the students by writing some examples on the whiteboard.

Post-reading / Team-work Section (8-10 minutes) • The students who have understood the usage of compound nouns will now be tested with some exercises.

After the students have finished reading text in the "warmer" section, the teacher will have explained the usage and creation of compound nouns. The teacher will then hand-out some cut-out words selected from the workbook that has been cited in the materials section. The students will later be paired in either groups of 3 or less (depending on the number of the students) and be asked to match the correct word combinations to make a list of compound nouns.

Team-Work 2 & Speaking Section (15-20 minutes) • Another exercise to further practice the usage of compounds nouns and a speaking section regarding traveling will be done.

In near ending of the lesson, the students will be given another exercise in which they will be pictures hanged on the WB about the earlier reading text and some new items that the students will try to guess their names, these will be compound nouns. After the teacher has checked the answers to the second exercise, they will asked to talk about a fictional travel they will do abroad and furthermore tell both the teacher and their peers what items they would bring to their travels. Both the use of individual speaking and the use of compound nouns inside the debate will be included in this class discussion. At the end of the lesson, the teacher will distribute a hand-out regarding compound nouns. This paper will be a summary of how compound nouns are formed and incase there is a shortage of time and some exercises were skipped, this will prove useful to students who want to further study compound nouns on their own.

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