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Teaching Practice #6
Beginner level


In this lesson students will be learning about weekend trips/breaks in Barcelona, Spain and in Prague, The Czech Republic. They will be reading and focusing on the sub-skill of reading for details. Students will be checked on their comprehension with various post-reading activities. Also students will learn the grammar of "there is" and "there are" in the context of traveling, in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Abc White Board & Pens
Abc HO #1A
Abc HO #1B
Abc HO #2
Abc HO #3
Abc HO #4
Abc Photos of places (?) optional

Main Aims

  • Reading about weekend getaways/breaks and using the grammar of "there is" and "there are" within the context of trips/vacations etc.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading with the intention of using the skill of detailed reading. Students will read and answer questions to test comprehension.


Lead-In (1-3 minutes) • Elicit Student Responses & Interest

Show students photos of places. Ask: "Where is this?, What city is this? What country?" Write: Barcelona, Spain & Prague, Czech Republic on the board on either side, divided by a line.

HO #1A & HO #1B (5-10 minutes) • Reading

Have students read the brochure silently. Ask them to circle locations or places to visit. Divide class into A or B, have students move into groups. After this have students write the locations on the board, either under Barcelona or Prague/ A or B.

HO #1A & HO #1B - Activities (8-14 minutes) • Reading Gist

Have students fill in the blanks from HO #2, exercise #2. (1-3 mins) Write "break" and stadium, statue, architect, music lovers, opera, puppet show on the board. Ask students to look for them in the reading. "What do people watch at a stadium?" (2-3) Have students re-read the brochure, then do #3 alone, check answers with their partners. (5-8)

HO #3 Grammar (5-8 minutes) • Grammar

Write St. Petersburg on the board, ask students "What do you know about St. Petersburg?" Elicit brief replies. Ask class: "Is there a castle?" Yes there is a castle. "Are there statues?" Yes there are statues. Write on WB or speak about this. There is a/an + singular noun There is an airport. There are + plural noun There are buses from the airport to the city. There is a/an + singular noun. There are + plural noun. There is + uncountable noun. --> "There is some milk"

HO #4 Grammar Practice (5-7 minutes) • Grammar

Have students do HO #4. Students will READ first then make up their own sentences using the Grammar we just learned. Have students write it on the board to check answers.

EXTRA • Culture

If there is time left over: talk about some of the culture notes with the class.

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