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Simple Past Tense Irregular Verbs, Celebrations
Elementary level


In this lesson, SS learn about the irregular verb usage in Simple Past Tense through guided discovery based on a reading text about a trip to Barcelona.The lesson starts with the reminding points of the previous blog texts on celebrations. After that, some clarification is done for irregular verb forms in Simple Past Tense. This is followed by a Bingo game on irregular verbs to enhance learning. Pronunciation is practiced through some repetition drills done chorally and individually to clarify the intonation and stress of affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences in Simple Past. Reading for gist practice is maintained by finding out an answer of a question in the text as a controlled activity. As semi-controlled activity, SS are asked to make Wh- questions from th text. As a productive task , a freer practice is given through presenting an interview as PW.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Simple Past Tense (with irregular verbs) in the context of Scott's Millenium Blog

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Making an interview as PW in the context of A celebration


Lead in /Warmer (3-5 minutes) • Greeting, introduction and remembering the names of the SS. Drawing their attention to the topic.

- I will introduce myself to remind. - I will say each of their name. - I will relate to previous lesson by showing a photo of some special occasions/celebrations and ask themsome questions related to the bloggers they have already been familiar. *Why did Richard throw a party? To celebrate his retirement. *What did Marissa celebrate? A wedding/ A marriage * What was the reason of Karen's party /celebration? Birthday party

Highlighting and Elicitation (3-5 minutes) • To draw SS attention to the target language.

T writes a sentence on the board in the simple past with a gap: "Jessica and Frank finally ________ married last Saturday." T asks : What word is missing here? Got CCQ : *When did they get married? last Saturday *Is that now or in the past? in the past *What is the present form of 'got'? get *Is this verb regular or irregular? Irregular *So, is 'get' used in present or past? present

Clarification (7-10 minutes) • To clarify the past forms of irregular verbs

SS will be given a HO to clarify the past forms of some irregular verbs. T will give WC FB. After that, SS will be asked to find out some other examples of irregular verbs in the previous texts by scanning. PW FB - Look at the explanation. What is the past tense of 'see'/ 'make'/'eat'/ 'go' / 'have'? - WC FB - Scan the previous blog pages. Underline twelve different past tense verbs. Work individually. - PW FB - WC FB : 1was 2got 3sang 4had 5gave 6said 7took 8went 9met 10ate 11drank 12woke

Clarification by a game (5-8 minutes) • To provide a better understanding of irregular verb forms in a fun way.

SS will be shown a photo of irregular verbs in their present forms on the board. They will be given Bingo HOs and asked to fill the charts with any irregular verb in past tense. The teacher will say verb in present and the student that has the past form will cross it out. Who finishes crossing out his full list of verbs on the chart first will be the winner of the game. * Look at the verbs on the board. Are they in present tense or past tense? *Fill each gap in your Bingo chart with the past form of any verbs on the board. * I will say the present form of a verb on the list. Cross out if you have the past form it. * The one who finishes first with all the verbs becomes the winner!

Eliciting Pronunciation (5-7 minutes) • To make SS get the intontion and stress of different forms through repetition drills.

Teacher will make the class repeat each statement first chorally and then individually: * Meryem got married last weekend. * No, she didn't get married last weekend. * Did she get married last weekend? * When did she get married?

Controlled Practice (7-12 minutes) • To concept check and to prepare SS for more meaningful practice.

*Look at Scott's Blog on your HOs. *Read it quickly. *Answer : Where did he go? * Work individually. ICQ : *Are you working in pairs? No * Are you reading quickly? Yes -WC FB * Now, work in pairs. *Complete the gaps with your partner. *You have two minutes. - Swap pairs for FB - AK will be given

Semi-controlled Practice of Question Forms (10-12 minutes) • To concept check further and prepare them for freer practice.

* Look at exercise 3 * Make questions using the clues. * For example: Where / go? ------ Where did you go? CCQ: - Do we say 'Where did he go?' or 'Where did he went?' Where did he go? - 'where did he go?' in the past or present? In the past. * Work in pairs. * Write the other questions. * You have two minutes. ICQ : - Are you working alone? No - Are you asking questions? Yes Teacher monitors and takes notes. - Delayed error correction as FB

Free Practice (15-20 minutes) • To provide SS with free practice of the target language.

SS will be asked to make an interview using the questions they have learnt in Exercise 3. * Decide on a topic/special occasion. * Make an interview with your partner. * Ask and answer questions in Exercise 3. DEMO: T : * I went to a celebration party last Saturday. SS ask : * Where did you go?, Who did you go with?, What did you eat? etc... * You have 5 minutes to prepare. - Monitor and correct on the spot. --After 5 minutes. * Now, report on your partner.

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