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discursive essay
upper intermediate level


in this lesson, SS will get familiar with steps of writing an essay, and how to use Linkers of contrast


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Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of an essay in the context of media and its' issues

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a essay


Activation • to prepare SS for wriing and make them familiar with the topic

T will greet SS and set the scene T will ask SS about their privacy, then asks them how do they protect their privacy. T will play a part of Persian song about a celebrity's privacy and ask SS to share their ideas about people who try to interfere our privacy then T will let SS to mingle and share their ideas together

study ( exposure) (25-30 minutes) • To activate what they have received as input

T will give SS some pieces of papers that are different paragraphs, that are not organized. T will ask SS to put them in order in groups ( grouping based on small / capital letters). while SS are doing this activity, T will demonstrate a picture including linkers of contrast. when they are done with the exercise, T will check the correct order of writing, then T will explain linkers, and asks SS to find examples of them in text. then T will explain the stages of writing an essay

Activation (30-35 minutes) • To activate what they have received as input

C P : T will ask SS to look at page 85 exercise B, they have 5 minutes to answer those questions about text, then share answers in groups. Semi-C : T will ask SS to select their favorite actor/actress, then they have to predict the problems which that person may face with during his/her life. they have to share ideas with group members.(grouping by odd numbers and even numbers) T will ask each group about conclusion. F P : T will ask SS to choose their favorite singer, and they have to write about problems they might come up with. and bring it for next session.

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