TP6 - Brain Facts - Speaking
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, the sts will have the opportunity to develop their fluency in speaking with the topic 'Brain Facts'. The speaking activity will be a quiz. The sts will listen to an audio in order to analyze the results. Prior to the listening activity, the teacher will go over some of the vocabulary that is mentioned in the aduio. The final part of the lesson will be a freer speaking activity where the students share the results / analyzations with their partners.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Quiz, Discussion in the context of Brain Facts

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading, Listening, Vocabulary


Lead In (3-6 minutes) • To introduce the topic to the students

T welcomes the sts to the class (first lesson of the day) and put the OHP on. T asks the students what it is and tells them to read the facts about brain. T asks the sts what they learnt, found surprising or interesting. T makes sure that the sts get the point about the brain having 2 halves and asks them if they know whether they are primarly left or right-brained.

Quiz (4-7 minutes) • Controlled Speaking Activity

T tells the sts that they'll do a quiz to find out if they are right or left-brained. T pairs the sts (st A, st B) and checks that they know if they are A or B. T explains that they should read the questions to each other including the choices a & b and note their partner's answers. T does a demo with a student (a strong student). T gets the sts to sit facing each other and gives out the quizzes & lets the sts interview each other. When finished T gets the sts to total up each other's a & b answers - but tells them not to share the results with their partners.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (3-6 minutes) • To check & pre-teach the vocabulary mentioned in the audio prior to the listening activity.

T shows the vocabulary & definitions paper and tells the sts to work in pairs & match the words to their definitions. When finished pairs check their answers followed by a quick WC FB.

Listening for details (5-10 minutes) • To provide the sts with a audio which they will listen in detail and pick the information they need to proceed with the quiz activity.

T tells the sts that they'll listen to find out what the answers to the questions mean and that they should decide if the characteristics in the bow are typical left- or right-brained people. Sts listen and note L / R next to the items. T monitors during the listening without disturbing the sts' concentrations. Depending on the sts reaction T decided to re-play the audio or not.

Semi-Controlled Speaking Practice (10-15 minutes) • Sts to report the results of the quizzes to their partners

The sts explain to their partners what their results meant. T gives the sts the 'Useful language' phrases & gets the sts to think how to use these first. T monitors for good useage of the TL and possible errors. When finished, T selects random sts to share their results with the class. If time- T gets the sts to discuss final questions in small groups. If not - T asks a couple of the questions in open class FB.

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