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Beginner level


This lesson is an introduction to language of simple ' suggestion making ' by the means of a listening to a man suggesting places to go to his friend for her birthday. The lesson will continue with practising the TL and will end with Students producing a Role-play making suggestions on what to do next Saturday.


Abc Helen/ Sam picture

Main Aims

  • To present, practice ' making suggestions' phrases to produce a role-play about what to do next Satuarday

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening for the gist and specific information in the context of ' what shall we do for your birthday?'


Warmer/lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To initiate the Ss with the context/ as a mean to pre-teach a vocabulary item

T will show a picture of a birthday. Elicit the word ' present '. CCQ: what's this? A birthday, a cake, balloons,a present. T then will show another picture. setting a little context about Helen and Sam. CCQ: ' Is it Sam's birthday?' No, it's Helen's birthday.

listening for the gist (3-5 minutes) • to listen and answer questions for the gist

T will write these 2 questions on the WB : 1-what's her present? 2- where are they going for her birthday? Ss will listen once or probably twice, check in pairs and check with T.

Listening for specific information (4-6 minutes) • to listen to answer specific information about the listening

T will write on the WB: 1- where are they going to meet? 2- what time? T will elicit the meaning of ' meet' here as might be new for Ss. Then will play the listening once/ twice and ask them to check in pairs and in the WC.

modelling the dialogue (3-5 minutes) • For Ss to practice the dialogue by reading and saying the lines out loud

T will group Ss into ' Helen' s and ' Sam' s. They will have a HO with Helen's lines and Sam's lines. T will read the dialogue and each group read and say the dialogue out loud. She will get some choral and individual pronunciation drills.

putting the dialogue in order (2-4 minutes) • for Ss to get exposed to the written form of the TL

T will regroup the Ss. one 'Helen'+ one ' Sam'. They are given the slips of paper from the dialogue and in pairs they have to put it in order. which ever group that finishes first will come and put the whole dialogue on the board.

Presentation of the TL (2-3 minutes) • To go briefly over the form and meaning

T chooses selective sentences regarding ' making suggestions' and elicit the verb and ' let's..' and ' shall' by demonstration and miming.

substitution drills (3-5 minutes) • to practice the TL with more vocabulary

T will write a very short dialogue including the TL. She cross out the verbs first. Show Ss Flash Cards with other verbs and Ss will substitute. then she will eliminate verbs and Places in a city and then Time phrases and Ss will substitute with other words.

producing 'suggestion making' for next Satuarday (8-12 minutes) • to enable Ss create and act the TL in a role play

In pairs, T will ask the Ss to make a short dialogue about next Saturday. for support, T gives them prompts and the TL is displayed on the WB. First they write The Role-play and then they will act it out for the WC.

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