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Past Time Phrases
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will place in chronological order a series of statements about the temporal past. We will cover the appropriate use and contexts for 'ago', 'last,' and 'in.' Students will work with partners to ask questions and follow-up questions to get each other comfortable with expressing past time phrases.


Abc Page 13 of face2face, sections 6 and 7
Abc Pair Group Work: Student/ Group A Handout
Abc Pair Group Work: Student/ Group B Handout

Main Aims

  • To give sts semi-controlled and free speaking pratice asking and answering about past events in their lives.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and practice the past simple and past time phrases (last week, a year ago, when I was in high school)...


Introduction/ welcome (3-5 minutes) • the aim of the lesson will be speaking in the past tense

Welcome, :). "The aim of the lesson will be speaking about the past". Model brief examples using simple past tense: "I graduated high school in 1999" "I graduated from Ohio Dominican University in December of 2003" "I graduated from Ohio University in 2007 with an MA in Political Science" I got married in July of 2013. I moved to Turkey at the end of August. I enrolled in this CELTA program earlier this week. I didn't get enough sleep last night...." transition to assignment

Intro to past tense (5-8 minutes) • inculcate knowledge of the past tense, gauge sts familiarity w/ past tense

1)Write on the board: I went to the farmers' market ___________.(when) 2)Ask sts: "What words could we place in the blank utilizing the past tense?" 3)Write sts responses on the board 4)Ask sts "which responses are farthest in the past"... and to order them chronologically relative to now number them starting with most recent 1,2, 3,

wb exercise 6 (10-15 minutes) • facilitate the chronological ordering of events in the past tense, master grammar and vocab that enables us to do so

-Vocab review: are you familiar with the term a century, a period of 100 years, and a decade is a period of ten years. The 15th century includes the dates of January 1, 1401 – December 31. When we speak of the 80's it usually refers to the time period of 1980-1990. CCQ does a decade consist of a 100 years? no, 10 years. -"ladies and gentlemen, please pull out page 13 of the f2f student book which was handed out to you by the previous instructor and find a partner sitting next to you" ICQ: "are you going to leave your seat now" No. hand out packets of small words to each pair draw a time line on the board: big bang/'beginning' of time-------------now/the present-----future "with your partner, please arrange these phrases chronologically, the order of their occurrence starting with farthest from now, the event one most historically remote." Assist struggling students or those that need clarification, check their work. Nominate volunteers to situate phrases of the large cut-out words on the WB in chronological order. (optional: ask where we would place other events along the time line and how to express their occurrence in the past) Hand-out sheet A to half of the class, B to the other half of the class. bottom right V2.1 Past time phrases (ago/in/last) CCQ- is it grammatically correct to say at last weekend? on last weekend? no

Exercise 7 (13-22 minutes) • minimize TTT/ maximize STT, have students become more intimate w/ each-other via past tense expressions of personal narrative

first model: Ask a student a question/s: When did you last cross the Bosphorus? follow up: boat/marmaray/ ferry/ bus/ personal vehicle... did you get a seat on the ___(mode of transportation) or did you have to stand... was it crowded... did you see any musicians... were other passengers talking and engaging in conversation/ did everyone have their headphones in/ reading what? books/news papers/magazines/ in their own bubble? How long did it take/did you have to wait long? Sts, refer to your hand-out, sts w/ A HO form a group and discuss the questions of for group A, sts w/ B HO form a group and discuss the questions of group B... including the follow up questions...."feel free to improvise questions, record (write down/store in short term memory) the answers from your interrogation.... I will follow up later" ICQ: Are you going to find a partner from the opposite group? Are you going to stick exclusively to the script and what the book tells you to ask, or are you going to improvise? please (metaphorically) probe your partner, if you exhaust your interests, find another a/b to repeat questions? improvise, If you have A questions, are you going to find a partner that has A as well? no B... Write problematic sentences on the WB, ask what is 'wrong' and have sts 'correct' them thank everyone again for their patience w/ me

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