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Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will talk about family and the trends of families in the UK. First, they will talk about family relationships and members, then they read a quick survey about changing trends and guess the values in percentage for certain trends. Then they will listen to a the actual survey being conducted. Finally, they will share their opinions in pre-determined points from the book.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific and detailed information about a survey of 21st century families.
  • To provide review, clarification and practice of family members lexis.


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • Discuss family members from the pictures in the book

The students will be offered 3 pictures and discuss in groups the people and actions happening on the pictures. They will be asked to name them, what they are doing and present them to the class.

Pre-listening (4-5 minutes) • To prepare the students for the listening and ensure that they understand the family terminology.

The students will discuss the differences of the different terminology of family members. Once completed, they will be asked to explain to the class what they think the difference is. Then, they will be presented with a family tree with blanks and asked to put the different terminology in the right places.

Pre-Listening 2 (5-8 minutes) • To prepare the students for the listening (about trends) and to have them read the survey and predict the content of the listening.

T will write the percentage on the board. Ss will read the survey and guess the percentage of each missing parts and discuss together what the percentage might be. Once completed, the students will close their book and get ready for note taking.

Listening - Note Taking (5-8 minutes) • To have the students listen without the book to practice note taking.

Students will be handed an empty piece of paper and will be told that they have to take notes of the numbers that they hear from the previous reading exercise. The listening will be played once. Ss will compare their notes in pair

Detailed listening - Checking (5-8 minutes) • Check their answers from the note taking and the guessing part.

Ss will listen again to the recording and see if their guesses and note taking were accurate. Once completed, they will have to reflect on the survey and imagine of the outcome of such a survey if it were conducted in Turkey.

Speaking - Stating Opinions (10-12 minutes) • Have student express opinions based on pre-determined statements

Students have to discuss and state their opinions on five (5) general statements about family interactions and behaviour. T writes the structure for giving opinions on the board (Should have, should be). T gets feedback from the class at the end of the lesson. If there is time left, T can point out some corrections.

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