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intermediate, Grade 5, A2 to B1 level


In this 90-minute period (2 successive sessions 45 minutes each) the learners are going to write about an adventure story. SS will revise some vocabulary related to the topic first, then they will start drafting and writing. the tense is both past simple and past continuous. Moreover, linking words and connectors related to the tense and topic like "when-while" will be covered.


Abc Course book
Abc song
Abc whiteboard
Abc notebooks & sticky notes

Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of an adventure story in the context of adventures

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about finding camping tools in the context of adventures


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T plays the song of the unit (adventures) SS perform the song as they have been taught earlier.

pre- writing (listening) (15-20 minutes) • To activate learners' prior knowledge and brainstorm ideas.

Brainstorming: (5-7 ms) -T focuses Ss' attention to the map of the previous lesson and says: "We are going camping, what tools do you think we will need?" -T elicits ideas from the class and writes them on a mind map on the board. - T plays the audio for Ss to check and/ or add more ideas. - Ss listen and take notes in their notebook. - T provides feedback through a whole class discussion. T tells the class that they will write an adventure story and elicits the components of a clever story on the board: "What are the components of a story?" T elicits and adds to the same mind map on the board. characters settings (place + time) events (beginning, middle, and end) planning: (6-8 ms) Ss discuss in pairs the main ideas of their stories and jot down in their notebooks. T focuses the Ss attention to the words in the box, Activity 16, p. 29 T monitors and provides help.

First draft (10-15 minutes) • the first attempt to write

T gives Ss time to draft their stories. For differentiation, T focuses Ss' attention on the adventures of the song to make use of the structure using "when- while", PB, P27. Instructions: - Now look at the prompt at the bottom of the page, which tense is this? = past - What is the linking word used? = when - who can complete this sentence? (T elicits many answers) -You can use extra ideas from the song, page 27. Now you have 10 minutes of drafting. T sets the timer.

Revising (18-20 minutes) • To check the first draft and take notes, edit, and improve ideas and content

- T asks Ss to check their first attempt in pairs - SS take time exchanging ideas and help each other improve - T monitors carefully and praises Ss' attempts - T writes difficult words that the Ss' ask about on board for common benefits. (due to the number of the class, this stage may take a longer time)

Editing (8-10 minutes) • SS improve and update their product

SS check their writing and this time they will focus on the writing codes that the T elicits: G= grammar P= punctuation Sp= Spelling .

Final product (10 minutes) • to present their products and read their pieces of writing with enjoyment

SS sit in groups of 5 and read their stories T monitors and takes notes

Feedback • T provide the Ss with feedback and common mistakes corrections

T praises the class and their good job T discusses the common mistakes on board T takes all the writings to check outside the classroom and provide double feedback in a later session. T allows the Ss to give feedback on the session (Two stars and a wish)

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