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How do you get the news?
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will build up on what they have learnt about the news during their previous class and focus on improving their receptive skills. Mainly, listening for the gist and listening for particular information. Simultaneously , Ss will be exposed to a new set of vocabulary pertaining to the main Subject which is the news. the latter will be done via PW, T-Ss, and GW activities like categorizing words. In addition, this class will also endeavour to enhance Ss spilling by means of a brief dictation exercise.


Abc HO of filling the blank exercises
Abc Listening tracks
Abc Projection of pictures of the target vocabulary
Abc Cut-ups of the target vocabulary
Abc Projection of some news outlets pictures.

Main Aims

  • To provide listening for the gist and listening for specific information practice that also entail relevant vocabulary like " strike, higher pay, protesting" in the context of the news

Subsidiary Aims

  • to improve Ss ability to form questions
  • to improve the Ss spilling via a dictation exercise.
  • To provide an enriching set of vocabulary in the context of the news.


Stage 1 (Lead-in) (1-3 minutes) • introduce the Ss to the context of the news

- project a bunch of news outlets and some means of the getting the news on the wall. - Ask the students: what are these? what are they for? which one they personally use?

Stage 2 (pre-teach vocabulary )
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