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TP 8: Superheroes
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will listen to the song 'I just want to be a superhero'. They will listen for the specific information and for more detail. While listening they will play a Bingo game, and fill the gaps in the lyrics of the song. They will practise sentence stress and pronunciation. They will speak about superheroes and they will engage in a problem solving speaking activity.


Abc Kaboom! handout
Abc Gap Fill: Lyrics
Abc Answer Key for gap fill
Abc Superheroes photos
Abc Vocabulary pictures and word cut outs
Abc Cut outs for speaking activity

Main Aims

  • To practise gist listening and more careful listening of the song about superheroes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise speaking in the context of supeheroes and their skills and abilities.
  • Vocabulary pre-teaching for better understanding of the song


Lead In (3-4 minutes) • To set the context for the listening activity

T shows pictures of superheroes: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Thor. By using CCQs, T elicits the word 'superheroes'. CCQs: Is he/she small? No. Does he/ she look strong? Yes. Do they wear costumes? Most of them yes. Do they look like humans? Yes. Are they real? No. Are they characters from comic books? Yes. Do they have special powers? Yes. Who are they? They are superheroes. What superpowers do you think they have? Speed, strength...

Listening for specific information and playing Kaboom! (10-15 minutes) • To practise listening for specific information and play a game

Students will listen to a song about superheroes and play Bingo game. T changed the name into Kaboom! because it suits the context better. It is a frequent word in comic books. The rules are exactly the same as in Bingo game. Before listening: T writes vocabulary on the WB. S are given handouts with images. T talks about the words, either comparing them to similar things, eg. shore is like a beach or by demonstrating, eg. I turn he key to ignite the car. Students write words under pictures in their handouts. leap (v.) /liːp/ Jump a long way shore (n) /ʃɔː/ The land along the edge of a sea, lake, or other large body of water crook (n) /krʊk/ A criminal. villain (n) /ˈvɪlən/ An evil character in a film or a book. ignition (n) /ɪɡˈnɪʃ(ə)n/ A process of starting an engine or fire swirled (adj) /swəːld/ Twisted, confused. tame (v) /teɪm/ Make less powerful and easier to control. T gives Kaboom! handouts to Ss and explains the rules of the game. It is the same as Bingo, but instead of shouting Bingo! they shout Kaboom! when they cross off all the words. T plays the recording (Rec: 3:40 min) The first S who crosses of all the words shouts Kaboom! Check and give feedback.

Listening for more information (10-12 minutes) • To practise listening for more detail and complete the lyrics of the song with accurate information.

Before listening again, Ss try to predict where to write the words from Kaboom! in this gap filling activity. When they make their predictions, they listen again. Peer check (PW). Answer Key provided. Finally, students listen and, this time, watch the video. They check their answers. Questions about the song and video: Was it a video from real life? No. Was he singing about real situations? No. Does he want to be a superstar? No. Is he a superhero? No. Does he want to be? Yes. Do you want to be superheroes? Yes./No. If they answer Yes. ask which one. This is a link to the following activity where they speak about themselves in 'superheroic' situations.

Stress and pronunciation (4-5 minutes) • To practise sentence stress and pronunciation of weaker forms.

T elicits two examples from the song. T uses fingers to demonstrate. I just want to be a superhero. I want to be the man that saves the world. want to --> wanna Mark the stress. Drill.

Speaking: What would ______ do? Problem solving. (5-7 minutes) • To practise speaking about possible actions that superheroes would undertake.

S are organised into three groups: Batman, Spiderma, and Superman. Every group has the same task in the first part of speaking activity: To write as many things about what they would do if they had skills or powers of the assigned hero. The second part of the speaking activity is a situation, a problem that a superhero can solve. S speak about 'What would Superman/Batman/Spiderman do?' Ss work together to solve the problem. Delayed correction.

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