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Abc Students coursebook

Main Aims

  • to provide students a practice and progress check of the two previous lessons have been learnt " the alphabet" and "a and an"

Subsidiary Aims

  • providing students with a second practice or the before units learnt, and emphasize things they still has a confuse about as well as a review


Lead in (10-10 minutes) • To generate interests in the topic of the lesson

In a speaking activity, the teacher will try to activate students schemata and highlight the first unit "the alphabet" and ask students some couple questions about. Then the teacher will move to the second unit "a and an" and ask students questions about it.

Exposure (10-15 minutes) • highlight the target language and elicit it for the students

Teacher will give explanation about the use of upper and lower case of the alphabet, as well as the sound of each letter. Teacher will highlight the consonants and the vowel on the WB and ask ( explain too) the use of the indefinite article "a" and "an"

Controlled practice 1 (15-20 minutes) • Providing practice of the target language

Students will do exercise 1, 2 and 3 in page 13 seperately. Before each task the teacher will give instructions and ask ICQs. In the feedback teacher will do CCQs to emphasize the use of the target language.

Controlled practice 2 (15-20 minutes) • to provide practice on the target language

Students will do exercises 4, 5, and 6 seperatly. Teacher give instructions and ICQs before each task. CCQs will be done in the feedack for a review.

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