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Functions for good service
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about functions of speech through the context of hospitality. The lesson will start with a role play involving the whole class. teacher will use realia, to elicit the context of 'good service'. It will be followed by a run to the board activity. Then the teacher will hand out dialogs which students will practice in pair. The lesson will end with a disappearing dialog.


Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice functions regarding the hospitality industry in the context of good service in a restaurant. At the end of the lesson sts will be able to use functions correctly at a restaurant.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To have students practice functional language fluently and accurately.


Lead In (7 minutes) • To provide context to the lesson and generate interest by using realia; acting out a restaurant seen.

Teacher will ask the whole class to participate. This will include the teachers. Gamze will be the guest with a nut allergy. Khalid will be a restaurant manager. I will be a waiter. Students will pretend they are eating and ask me for tea, napkins, etc. I will use some of the TL during my lead in. After the role play I wil elicit from the class different types of customer profiles. Do we act the same to everyone? What does it depend on?

Stick it (6 minutes) • To introduce and practice different functional language, so they can differenciate between formal and informal usage of language.

Students will be split into three groups. Each group will be handed a group of sentences. The WB will be split into three, one for each group. Under each groups name will be the words FORMAL&INFORMAL Students will try to stick all of the sentences under the right heading. The team which finishes first wins!

Check Answers (4 minutes) • To provide feedback to the students and clarify any wrong answers.

The teacher will ask if everyone agrees with the WB. Any different answers will be thrown back to the students. Could any of these be both? Is it always white and black? Does it depend on anything else?

Language Analysis (5 minutes) • To have students understand that different intonation may lead to different meaning.

See language analysis sheet

Dialog (10 minutes) • To have students practice using functional language for fluency and accuracy.

Students will work in pairs. Each group will be given a dialog. When the teacher claps, they will rotate clockwise. Teacher will monitor for pronunciation. Teacher will stop dialog if he hears too many flat dialogs. Teacher will prepare board for next activity.

Disappearing Dialog (7 minutes) • To have students practice speaking for accuracy and to have it 'stick' through repitition

Teacher will split the class in half. One group will be guest, the other half waiter. The teacher will have students read dialog. Then slowly erase some words and sentences, till they can do it all on their own

Discussion (5 minutes) • To have students speak for fluency

Did you have any trouble at a restaurant? What happened? How did they solve it? Were you satisfied?

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