Vocabulary & Reading
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson the student will be learning some character adjectives. They will also be doing reading practice with these new words.


Abc CUT-UPS, reading text

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary. (I will be teaching new words to help them to use while describing people's personality)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading


warmer (2-5 minutes) • to get students to think about which character adjectives they know

i will show Ss a picture of a famous character and ask them to tell me quickly about his/her personality.

Matching vocabulary & definitions (5-10 minutes) • To get them discover the meanings

I will give the cut-ups of the vocabulary & the definitions. I will divide them in 3 groups and ask them to do matching. FB: Once they finish, I will give the answer key to each of the student so that they can use it as reference for the next stage.

practising the new vocabulary (2-5 minutes) • to make sure they have understood TL

i will ask them to look at the list (Answer key from previous stage) again and write 4 adj. that describe their character and 4 that don't. I will ask them to write on a piece of paper but not in an order. Then they will swap their paper with the partners, They will take turns to guess which 4 adj describe their partners. I will make a demo to be clear to them. FB: I will be asking couple of them.

pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • to engage them in the reading text

Two Qs on WB: 1."Which is the most difficult to be; a child, a teenager, a middle-aged person, an elderly person? Why?" 2. "Which is the most difficult to live with? Why?" to be discussed by Ss in groups of 3. FB (very quick) will be WC.

Skim / Gist Reading (5-7 minutes) • usage of TL

Before reading text, ECDW for "enemy" just in case they don't know the meaning of this word in the passage. I will hand out a reading text & the questions (2 pages). I will give them less than 1 minute to answer the Q1. Then I will write the following question on WB "Who is easier to live with, Tom or Harry? Why?" and give them a couple of minutes to answer.

intensive / detailed reading (5-10 minutes) • to practise TL

I will get Ss to read the article again and tick the true sentences and correct the false once. When they finish, they will check answers with their partners. FB: Answer key will be provided.

post reading (2-3 minutes) • usage of TL

If time allows, I will get Ss to work in groups and discuss their memories of being teenager or a child. Quick FB, I will ask a couple of students to report back what they have learnt about each other.

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