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Greetings,countries,cities,present simple
Beginner level


İn this lesson Ss learn how to greet each other,ask and answer questions about where they and other famous people are from,have a review on how to introduce themselves to each other and find out some personal information.


Abc Maps of countries
Abc Straight Forward Beginner-SsBk- U1B,pp8-9
Abc ball
Abc blue tack
Abc Pictures of cities
Abc Pictures of celebrities
Abc Straight Forward TB-p164 handouts
Abc Different colour markers

Main Aims

  • To practice speaking and listening in the context of greetings.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Name of countries and review of the present simple tense.


İcebreaker (5-7 minutes) • To introduce myself,learn the ss' names .Greetings,introducing "Nice to meet you."

A very short ball game to remember the names.İ say my name ,throw the ball ,the person who receives tells his/her name .This can be repeated for a few times. Then İ throw the ball but this time İ mention the receiver's name "Hello____.Nice to meet you".Throws the ball back "Hi____.Nice to meet you ,too".This is repeated with other ss.

Stage 1-Guessing game (7-10 minutes) • Familiarising ss with the name of some countries using their maps

Sticking the maps on the board asking them to guess the countries .Helping them to come up with the right answer by saying the first letter. Having repetition drills ,practising pronunciation and stress by pointing to the maps.

Stage 2-Matching game (5-8 minutes) • Recognizing different cities in the world

Spreading the pics face down asking them to pick one and sticking them on the map at the right place.If wrong others might have a chance to correct. The same as stage 1 practising on the pronunciation and stress. Writing the words on the board .

Stage 3-Where are celebrities from? (7-10 minutes) • Enabling ss to ask and answer about celebrities names and where they are from.

Setting examples Look at this picture What's her name ? Where's she from?Showing the pics, asking the questions. Distributing pics among pairs asking them to ask and answer each other. Writing the structures on the board. What's his/her name? Where's he/ she from? What are their names? Where are they from? Asking them to take notes.

Stage 4- İnformation gap activity (7-10 minutes) • Using the functions learned: asking about names and where people are from.

İnstructing them they are going to be devided into pairs ,As and Bs.They each have different pieces of information and have to ask each other questions to find out about the missing part. As will ask Bs : Where is he/she from? Where are they from? Bs will ask As : What is his/her name ? What are their names ?

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