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Functional Language Focus, in the Context of a Class Meal out at a Restaurant
Pre-IntermediateI level


In this lesson, the students focus on functional language by 'making a reservation' in a restaurant, practising the receptive skill of 'listening' to two different CD tracks, and role-playing, to practise making a restaurant reservation, first taking it in turns to be the customer making the reservation, and then working in groups and acting out a short sketch in a restaurant. The students must decide what kind of restaurant it is, and who is the waiter.


Abc CD - Track 1.54
Abc Handout 3 - Putting Sentences in Correct Order
Abc Handout 1
Abc CD - Track 1.57
Abc Handout 2 - Gap-fill Sentences, and completing sentences with appropriate phrases.

Main Aims

  • To provide practice for the Students in the productive skill of functional language in the context of a 'class' night out at a restaurant, and to practise their speaking by using the functional language in this context by role-playing.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To elicit vocab and phrases for this context, and use their 'listening' (receptive) skills to answer questions related to making a reservation at a restaurant, and choose appropriate sentences.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context, and engage students in the topic of a Class Meal out at a Restaurant.

'Set the scene', and remind the students of the lesson they had on a 'Dinner Party', telling them they are now going to have a class meal out at a restaurant. Ask them what they would need in their planning stages of going to a restaurant, and try to elicit from them that they would need to decide on which restaurant and make a reservation in advance, because they will be a large group. Ask them how they would do this, and what they would need to say to the restaurant when they were making the reservation. Any new vocab or appropriate phrases introduced at this stage of the lesson, can be written on the whiteboard.

Listening/Eliciting Exercise (8-10 minutes) • To provide context for the functional language through a 'listening' (receptive) exercise.

Give the students Handout 1, and ask the students to read the six sentences and decide whether the customer (C) or the (W) said each phrase. Get the students to check their answers with their partner, and then play CD track 1.54 and ask the students to check their answers after listening to the CD. Get feedback from the WC.

Role-play - Free Speaking (8-10 minutes) • For the Students to practise the functional language in the context of making a reservation at the restaurant.

Ask the students to work in pairs, and to practise making a restaurant reservation. Ask them to take it in turns to be the customer and the Receptionist at the restaurant. They must choose the day, the time, and the number of people they want to make a reservation for. Write model sentences on the WB as to how they should start when making their restaurant reservation. They should begin - "Good afternoon/morning. This is ....................... can I help you. Ask one or two pairs to play out their dialogue to the whole class.

Focus on Target Language (8-10 minutes) • To practise the functional language in the context of a reservation at a restaurant

Give the students Handout 2, and ask them to work individually and complete the conversation between a waiter and a customer with words from the top of the handout, and to complete the sentences 1 - 5 with the phrases a - e. Ask them to check their answers in pairs, and afterwards get feedback as a WC.

Focus on Functional Language, and Listening (Receptive Skill) Practice (8-10 minutes) • For the students to listen to the CD - Track 1.57 - and decide whether the picture on Handout 3 comes first, or the conversation they are listening to on the CD

.Chest Handout 3, which shows a picture of a scene in a restaurant. The picture may not be able to see the picture clearly, but the Teacher will give a brief description of what might be happening in the picture. .Try to elicit some ideas from the students about what they think might be happening. Any descriptive phrases elicited from the students, may be useful to them in their final role-play task. .Give the students the handout, and ask them with their partner to look at the picture while they are listening to CD - track 1.57. Ask them which they think comes first, the picture or the conversation? . Ask them to listen to the conversation again, and in pairs, put the sentences below in the correct order.

Role-Play - Free Speaking in the Context of Dinner at a Restaurant (8-10 minutes) • To Focus on the Target Language - Functional Language - and give the Students Practice in Free-Speaking

As a final task, and for the students to get practice in the functional language in the context of dinner at a restaurant, ask the students to work in groups of 5 or 6, and to act out a short sketch in a restaurant. Ask them to choose who is going to be the waiter, and the rest of the group will be the customers. Introduce a few phrases onto the WB to help them with their role-play: Would you like .....?) I'd like ........... ) to have the bill/to see the menu Have you got ........?) Could we have ......?) a drink/an ashtray/something to drink/the bill/the house white I'll have............. )

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