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wish + past simple or past perfect
upper intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will learn about making wishes in the past as well as the present via the guided discovery method. the T will lead the students into, without explicitly stating it, learning the difference between the two. the lesson starts by a quick recapitulation of the text. then, the students read some comments and see if they agree with them. after that, they underline the sentences with wish and see which tense is used and whether the wishes are about the present or the past.


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Main Aims

  • to give ss practice in the reformulation and usage of wishes in the past and present through the context of regret

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give ss practice in spelling accuracy via a dictation exercise


Stage 1 (2-4 minutes) • lead-in setting the context

T sets the context by asking the students to work in pairs and write two facts that they remembered about the text. T gives the sts 2 min to write their facts and walks around to monitor or correct any mistakes. T receives fb from the sts

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