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TP 5
A2 level


In this lesson, ss will learn about the past simple irregular verbs in the context of celebrities. They will complete a blog in a controlled practice activity. They will then practise asking and answering questions in a semi and freer practice activities


Abc SB, Straight forward
Abc a handout for the form
Abc a handout for the meaning

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of past simple irregular verbs in the context of celebrities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of celebrities


Warmer/Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T divides the class into three groups and asks the ss to be ready of a dictation. T dictates the following sentences with random order of words and ask the students to put them in the correct order to make a sentence. Each group will be given one sentence to dictate. " I was in a big Indian restaurant" "I was born on 31st December" "It was at the Madison Hotel" T elicit the correct sentences and ask ss about their reference.

Highlightening TL (4-5 minutes) • To highlight TL so that learners are focused on it.

T asks students to read the text on pg 62, SB and underline the tenses. T elicits TL tenses and write them on the WB. FB: ss

Clarifying TL - Meaning (4-5 minutes) • To clarify meaning so learners know how to understand it.

T writes in a HO the sentence " We had a wonderful dinner." on WB .Down the sentence, T writes the CCQ for meaning provided by a question about time line. SS in pairs work on the HO, discuss the questions and elicit the meaning. T shows the answers on the board. FB : pair work

Clarifying TL - Form (4-5 minutes) • To clarify form so learners know how to construct it better.

SS work in three groups. T will give a copy of the same model sentence (in affirmative, negative and question) to each group. Groups will elicit the rule. Groups circulate their papers to check. Teacher shows answer key on the board. FB: ss-ss

Clarifying TL - Pronunciation (4-5 minutes) • To clarify pronunciation so learners know how to say it better.

T models and drills the pronunciation of the eleven irregular verbs in the text. SS play tongue twister pronouncing them ie. (came-come-come-came). Individuals compete. FB: s -s

Language practice- controlled written practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide controlled written practice focused on using the language accuracy

SS individually do ex. 2 pg 63, SB. Pair check. T will then give ss the answer key.

Language practice- semi-controlled written practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide semi-controlled written practice

Ss do ex. 3 pg 63, SB. T models one example and asks the students to do the rest individually. T elicits answers from ss and write them on the WB. FB: WC

language practice- freer oral practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide freer oral practice and use the language productively.

T gets ss do ex. 4, pg 63, SB. T will play music as a background to celebrations. Ss will mingle in the class, find someone and ask them questions in ex. 3. When the teacher pauses the music, the ss should stop and find another person. T monitors the class for DEC FB: SS-SS

language practice- Speaking - FB (4-5 minutes) • To get DEC

T tells ss that he is going to read some correct and incorrect sentences using his notes from the previous activity. If it is correct, the students cheer. If it needs to be corrected, students will boo and correct the sentence.

If-time activity (3-4 minutes) • To fill the time

SS will be standing in a circle. T throughs a ball of paper to one s and says " I went out today and I ____" . the student should complete the sentence using past irregular verb (ie.ate pizza and I______). He/She will then through the ball to another s to add ans so on.

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