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Teaching practice 7
B1 level


In this reading lesson in the context of British sports events, the students will first read for gist and perform a task, then they will read again, this time for details and perform another task. This will be done twice, using two sets of three small texts each. The last task will be using the productive skill of speaking.


Abc The sporting year
Abc True or false

Main Aims

  • To get sts to work on their receptive skill of reading by reading first quickly for gist with a task to perform, then by reading at their pace for details with a more challenging task to perform.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get the sts to work on the productive skill of speaking by discussing in pairs the subject of some questions related to the topic of sports events.


Lead-in/Warmer (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- Do you watch sports? - What sports events do you watch? - Does anyone go to games or matches? - In Turkey, which sports event is the most difficult to get tickets for? -If you want to go to a big sports event and it is officially "sold out", is there any other way to try and get tickets? How much would they cost?

Pre-teaching Vocabulary (7-9 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

Elicit from sts the following words by using the related questions from the language analysis. -The highlight of: What’s another word for: the most exciting part of, or the most important part of something? -Track: What’s the name of a road used to race on? A race track -Huge: What’s another word for very large? Huge -Crowd: How would you call a large number of people? A crowd -Center court: In tennis tournaments, how do we call the main tennis court? The center court -Courier: How do you call a person whose job is to carry packages from one person to another? A courier -To dress up: What’s another verb for wearing nicer clothes? To dress up -Enclosure: How would you call a place that is surrounded by a wall or a fence? An enclosure -Outfit: How do you call a set of clothes that you wear together? An outfit -To dye: What verb can we use to change the color of our hair? To dye -To fancy: What’s another verb for to like? To fancy -Finish line: What’s the opposite of starting line? The finish line -Spot: What’s another word for place? spot -Massive: What’s a word for very large? massive

Ex 1 Pre-Reading (5-7 minutes) • To get the sts to read quickly for gist.

Chest the handout an tell the sts to quickly read the guidebook texts and match them with the pictures. -Should you read quickly or slowly? quickly -Should you work alone or in pairs? alone - do you have to understand every words? no - monitor - peer checking - write answer key on WB 1c , 2a, 3b.

Ex 2 pre-reading 2 (5-7 minutes) • to get sts to read quickly for gist 3 other texts and complete a related task.

Chest the HO and show the lower part of the sheet. - ask the sts to quickly read the 3 emails and match them to the events 1-3 of ex 1. - Do you have to read quickly or slowly? quickly - Should you understand every words? no - monitor -Peer checking - feedback + answer key: a3, b1, c2. on WB

Ex3 While reading 1 (7-9 minutes) • get sts to read for detail in order to complete the task

- Chest the HO and ask the sts to read the sentences of ex3 and decide which event 1-3 they describe. - Can you read slower this time? yes - do you still have to work alone? yes - monitor - peer check - FB + answer key on WB : a1, b3, c3, d2, e1, f2, g2.

(If time) True or false /While reading 2 (7-9 minutes) • To get the sts to read for detail in order to complete the true or false exercise.

- Chest the first HO and show the lower part of the sheet, and ask sts to re-read these emails carefully. -Chest HO true and false and ask sts to work alone and decide if these sentences are true or false. - Can you take more time? yes - do you work alone? yes - monitor - peer check - FB + Answer key on WB 1F, 2T, 3F, 4T, 5F, 6T, 7T, 8F, 9T.

Ex4 Post reading exercise: Speaking (7-9 minutes) • To get sts to talk about 3 questions in pairs

- Chest HO point at Ex4, In pairs answer and comment the questions from ex 4. - Should you work alone? no, in pairs - Should you write your answers, or just talk? just talk - monitor - FB ask some answers

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