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Teaching practice No. 7- Reading and vocabulary
Upper intermediate B2 level


In this lesson students will learn about strong emotions (Tears and Laughter through reading a text called Sense and Sensibility written by Jane Austen. Followed by set of activities in addition students will watch a short clip from the movie and will engage in activity which relates to vocabulary. Finally, Sts will practice via


Main Aims

  • To engage students with the text, to provide ptactice in gist for reading and encourage extensive reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of writing, vocabulary and grammar in the context of Sense and sensibility story


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and get Ss thinking about Strong emotions (Tears and Laughter)

Teacher show to students set of pictures of strong emotion expressions such as: cry your eyes out, cry with laughter, burst into tears and try to elicit the topic from the students oral question about the emotion they express.

Pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • Practice reading for gist

Students skim the story/text quickly and decide which paragraphs are taliking about sad feelings and which about mixed feelings. Teacher asks the students how do you know?

While reading (10-15 minutes) • Practice reading and understanding and extend students vocabulary

Students read the extract and answer the three questions in exercise 2, page 116, then feed back with (the whole class) followed by exercise no. 3, page 116 where students complete this task individually before checking in pairs. Teacher monitor students while they are working and giving feedback. Early finishers can check the difference in meaning between the nouns grief, sadness and depression. If times allow - Teacher will Play the trailer from the BBC 2008 series of Sense and Sensibility and students will need to choose the correct sentence in Task no. 4 (adapted from the Internet).

While reading, watching and listening (more challenging) (10-13 minutes) • Extend of Ss knowledge of vocabulary

If times allows - Teacher will Play the trailer from the BBC 2008 series of Sense and Sensibility and students will need choose to the best option to complete the characters’ lines. - Task no. 4 (adapted from an Internet source).

Post-reading (5-7 minutes) • Extend students grammar reviewing the new words from Sense and Sensibility story

Teacher divide the class to two. Each student receive a piece of paper with a word from the story and he/she needs to find their match/partner from the other group. Ss will need to mingle and look for their partner.

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