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My Home Town
Beginner level


In this lesson, Sts will be introduced to new vocabulary about places in a hometown, through a reading text. They will do gist and detailed reading.They will practise how to pronounce these words. After drilling in, they will play a game based around these words.


Abc Question HO
Abc Places Pictures
Abc Stripes of paper
Abc Susan's home town

Main Aims

  • to provide vocabularu clarification and practise vocabulary in the context of susan's home town

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide practise in reading for gist and detailed in the context of susan's home town


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- Pin 9 pictures on the WB about places in a town - Pin stripes of paper on the WB(vocabulary of each place) - Sts match the pictures and vocabulary - Check answers and FB - Error correction, if necessary

Vocabulary Pre- Teach (3-5 minutes) • to prepare Sts for the reading text

- T Drill words - Clarify the pronunciation/ stress (at least 2 times) - T points a picture on the WB and Sts pronounce the word

Vocabulary Activity (8 minutes) • to provide sts clarification of the vocabulary

- T sticks sripes of paper (written a word about a place in a town) on Sts' back - Sts don't see their own word - Sts mingle and communicate - Sts ask Qs about their word to eachother - Sts try to guess what their word is

Pre- Reading (5 minutes) • to provide sts reading for gist

- T shows the HO and explains what Sts are going to read then T gives HO - Sts briefly look at the HO - T sets the task and writes on the WB "Does Susan like living in Bath?, Why?" - Sts listen and read the text at the same time (once) - Get FB

While- Reading (10-13 minutes) • to provide sts detailed reading

- T present 6 Qs from the HO and explains the mission of it "read the text in detail and answer the Q. Underline the answers in the text, as well" - In pairs, sts begin to read the text in detail and answer the Qs - T provide solid FB

While- Reading 2 (10 minutes) • to provide sts clarification of the vocabulary

- T sets the task. - In pairs, sts tick the true sentences and correct false ones. - Get FB - Give answer key

Post- Reading (3-5 minutes) • to back up sts

- T set the task and writes 2 Qs on the WB " Where is your home town?, What is your favourite place to visit in your home town?" - Sts answer these 2 Qs individually. - In pairs, they read their answers to eachother. - In pairs again, they swap their paper and check for errors. - T gets FB

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