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TP 1a
B2 level


In this lesson, students learn new words and improve their vocabulary knowledge about the types of interviews. They also learn what someone should do during or before interviews. Ss read a text about the tips for successful interviews and find opportunities to talk and discuss about the text . The lesson starts with a 'picture memory activity' in which Ss try to catch the details in the photo. Secondly, Ss ask some follow-up questions to teacher about his/her interview experience. Ss guess the type of interview in the photo and learn the types of the interview with group work. They also study expressions about some advice during interviews. Students read a text about tips for better interviews and discuss eachother in order to find the correct answers to comprehension questions.


Main Aims

  • To provide the practise of reading for specific details in the context of interview
  • To provide clarification, review and practice of types of interview, expressions about advice at an interview.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide the pracrise of reading for specific details, scanning, inference and gist reading practice using a text in the context of interviews


Ice breaker (5-8 minutes) • To wake the students up in the morning and to make them feel comfortable, warm up and to put them into a short group work for a speaking task.

Show the picture/photo to the students once for 10 seconds and cover the picture after 10 seconds Students work together as a group to remember the details in the picture. There is a strict time limit and after the time is finished, one group will be the winner. The group which find more details about the picture will be the winner. Show them the picture again without time limit and feedback.

Introduction to Lesson (10-12 minutes) • To introduce and interest the students in the topic of interview and prepare the students for the lesson.

Share your ideas about experiences you have about an interview. Students try to get more information about this interview experience by asking questions Show the students the photo Students will talk about the photos and work in pairs first. Students tell about their comments to whole class. Ask some other questions about one of the photo Students discuss about the questions eachother first Students share their answer to the quesations with whole class. Make sure that they covered the vocabulary about the types of interview

Teaching Vocabulary (15-18 minutes) • To enable learners to learn the necessary vocabulary knowledge about 'some advice before/during an interview'

The students work in pairs and try to find the correct couples of words. Show one of the photos again on page 14-15 Student try to guess about what is the to do list for an interview, they work in pairs. Guide them and give clues,demonstrate and model the target vocabulary, such as speaking clearly, answering briefly Interact with them forthe answers to CCQs. Be sure that the meaning of the target vocabulary clear and there is no problem about pronunciation Students work in groups and match the topics to the expressions on page 14, in part 2A Students work in groups and try to find extra thing to do in a interview and share them with the whole class.

Reading Task (10-15 minutes) • To enable students to scan and find specific information from a text about interviews

Students read the title and share their ideas what is the text about individually. Students answer some introduction questions about the text. Groups read the whole paragraph and each group try to find out the answers to questions which are written on a piece of paper. Read the paragraph Make sure vocabulary is understood clearly and there isn't any problems about pronunciation (touch pronunciation and vocabulary a little bit) Students answer the questions in part 3 in pairs.

Extra Activity for Reading skills - Run, Read,Share Activity (5-6 minutes) • To enable students more active at the end of the lesson and study on the reading text a little bit more.

Students work in groups and each group has a secretary and a fast runner. Stand in the classroom a little far from students and show the text The runner of each group run to the teacher ,read the sentences as many as possible silent and then turn back to his/her group, shares the sentence and the secretary writes down. The group finishing first will be the winner.

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