Sepideh Garakani Sepideh Garakani

Edible lesson, TP: 3b
Intermediate, B1 level


Main Aims

  • Using correct stress when using food vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking, finding out about other students' preferences


Warmer/Lead-in (3 minutes) • To set lesson context, engage students

T starts by telling the Ss that today they are going to talk about her favorite subject and mimes to elicit the subject (food or edibles) and boards it. Then she tells Ss than she had a bit of difficulty with food when she came to Turkey and elicits some Turkish food's names and finally elicits the word "vegetarian".

Speaking (4-5 minutes) • Get the Ss make some short conversations and activating their schemata

T gives the instructions about HO1 and sets a time of 3 minutes for doing the "find a person who ...." activity, reminding them that it would be better to ask each other some follow up Qs. ICQs: Are you going to write about yourself? Are you going to ask just one question from your friends? FB: once Ss are done with the task, they will report their answers to the class.

Presenting the vocabulary (7-9 minutes) • Getting the Ss familar with the new vocabulary

T groups the student in to 2 groups, and gives the instructions. Ss are going to match and categorize the pictures in their groups. 2min ICQs: Are you going to do it in pairs or as a group? Then T writes the 4 categories headlines on the board and provides the Ss with the flash cards(names of the categories content), and asks them to match the words with the pictures they already have. 3min FB: Ss are asked to pair up with other group and share their answers. Final FB: Ss will stick the words on the board under each category.

Pronounciation (3-4 minutes) • Ss listen and identify the correct stress of the words

T gives instructions and provides Ss with the second vocabulary book exe, plays the audio and Ss listen and underline the stressed syllable, they check in pairs and as a FB the T elicits and boards the answers.T will drill the pronunciations of the problematic words.

Post listening (7-10 minutes) • To get Ss practice pronouncing the words of edibles

T regroups the Ss and gives instructions and models the first one,each S will write a name of food on a note, T collects and divides them in to the number of groups. Ss will be given some sticky notes, each time a S is chosen and has to put the note on his/her forehead and starts saying the food ingredients they have studied before and after 6 choices they have to guess the food.

Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • Practice using some adjectives with food words

T gives the instructions, Ss will be provided with HO and will complete the sentences in pairs, then they will check their answers with other pairs. FB: Ss volunteers will complete the sentences on the board. Anticipated problems: Ss may come up with a couple of new words Solution: T guides them to guess the meanings.

Freer Practice (10-12 minutes) • practicing and using the new words they learnt

Ss sit in pairs and are asked to make a conversation about having a party. What kinds of food and drinks are they going to serve, they are asked to use words and expressions they`ve learnt in the lesson.

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